Buying the Best Commercial Weight Bench For Barbells and Dumbbells

Buying the Best Commercial Weight Bench For Barbells and Dumbbells

Weight Bench Review

Are you considering the purchase of a Multi Angle Weight Bench for dumbbell and barbell training? Look no further for the information that will make your choice a confident decision.

Fundamental Component
The three way utility bench did not burst upon the fitness landscape. Instead it evolved steadily to its place of prominence today. For the record, the adjustable utility bench is the busiest piece of fitness equipment in the free-weight area of any gym. It’s a vital training tool in any environment whether commercial fitness centers, high school and college weight rooms and even by professional sports teams. And while this “weight bench article” is about commercial models, the home gym and garage gym markets also count the adjustable angle bench as a best seller.

And surprisingly there is a growing trend in the residential market in which consumers are buying a commercial weight bench rather than a non-commercial model. Why? The short answer is they want to make a one-time purchase of an adjustable weight bench that is versatile, durable, comfortable and safe.

Weight Bench Construction
A commercial utility bench needs to start with a strong skeleton. You want a frame that is solid, strong and overbuilt. The last thing you want to “feel” is a bench that wobbles underneath you while you’re pressing a pair of heavy dumbbells or heavy barbell. A great three way utility is engineered to be used by many people, day-in and day-out for years while showing little wear. Look for models that are fully welded with a minimum of bolts.

TuffStuff Flat to Incline Weight Bench TuffStuff Flat to Incline Weight Bench


Weight Bench Features and Adjustments
A great three way utility bench for barbell and dumbbell training is defined by and showcases versatility and functionality. Essential features are adjustability and mobility. The back pad needs to adjust easily and quickly through a range from 0°- 85°. Also an adjustable seat that locks you into position is important.

Weight Bench Transport Wheels Weight Bench Transport Wheels


A required feature of a top notch commercial multi angle bench is mobility. Low profile wheels that are engaged when the transport handle is lifted enable easy and quick movement throughout the free weight area. The adjustable utility makes the rounds from the dumbbell area to the power rack section and other stops during the day.

Weight Bench Padding
A club-quality weight bench will arrive with dense padding that is firm yet comfortable. Padding should be a minimum of 2” thick and the back pad wide enough for support yet allow full range movement without any impingement. Upholstery should be double topstitched naugahyde caliber that is long wearing and cleans up nicely.

Weight Bench Warranty and Pricing
The strength equipment warranty speaks volumes. Three way utilities are the “most used” piece of gym equipment there is. Nothing else comes close! Look for units that have frame warranties that are at least 5 years – 7 years. Manufacturers that overbuild their benches will feature 10 year to lifetime warranties on the frame.

A high quality commercial adjustable utility bench that can do it all well and be versatile, durable, comfortable and safe will cost several hundred dollars. But in five years you’ll be glad it’s not a $100 bench.

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