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WellnessMats FitnessMat Premium Exercise Mat – The FitnessMat from WellnessMats is a premium-grade,... Read More

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FitnessMat by WellnessMats Premium Exercise Mats

WellnessMats FitnessMat Premium Exercise Mat – The FitnessMat from WellnessMats is a premium-grade, American-made personal exercise mat for stationary exercise or impact movements that is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, support, cleanliness and durability. Available in either 4 foot or 6 foot lengths, FitnessMat anti-fatigue exercise mats are the must-have accessory for any fitness routine. With their 100% polyurethane construction free of toxins and odor, FitnessMats portable fitness mats are uniquely comfortable and suspend the body weight, reducing impact on joints during exercise. FitnessMats are stationary by design and will stay in place due to the high traction, non-slip top and bottom surfaces, even during High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), high impact plyometrics, core training, or jump rope exercise. Use a FitnessMat for walking in place to meet your daily step goal for weight loss challenge and improved wellbeing.

FitnessMats are perfect for yoga, Pilates, stretching, physical therapy, and other ground based or standing exercise. Personal training clients and rehabilitation patients with aches and pains that may have been once held back from floor exercises find that they can use FitnessMats with much more comfort and support, even on hard floors. The smooth surface allows for easy transition between positions, with good cushioning on pressure points as well. Because of the gradual sloping beveled edges and mat material memory properties, FitnessMats have earned an ADA-compliance rating, meaning they are very safe not only for those with functional impairment stepping on and off the mat, but also for wheelchair use during exercise.

Purchase FitnessMat Premium Exercise Mats on GSA contract - All WellnessMats exercise mats can be purchased from IRON COMPANY® on GSA Contract 47QSMA22D08NN.


  • (1) FitnessMat

Available Mat Sizing:

  • FIT4 (4 Foot) – 48" L x 26" W x 5/8" H (11.5 lbs.)
  • FIT6 (6 Foot) – 72" L x 30" W x 5/8" H (16 lbs.)

WellnessMats Performance Advantages:

  • American Workmanship – As a manufacturer located within the United States, WellnessMats complies with all stringent U.S. regulations for material production. Made with a proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), WellnessMats are free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, PVC's, BPA's, latex, plasticizers, phthalates, or any other fillers.
  • Premium Performance WellnessMats provide the optimum in comfort and relief. The 5/8" APT composite effectively interacts with the body to suspend bodyweight, thus reducing impact and stress on the back, legs, and feet, while encouraging proprioception (rebalancing). This exclusive advantage results in unmatched and consistent comfort and support.
  • Always Lie Flat – The 20 degree, gradually beveled edges of a WellnessMat will never roll up, which prevents dangerous trip hazards. Distinctive to WellnessMats, the APT includes 100% memory properties, meaning the mat is cured flat and will always remain flat.
  • Never Delaminate – The unique one-piece construction of the WellnessMat eliminates the need for glues or toxic bonding agents that often break down in time. WellnessMats will never separate, bubble up, ripple, or tear as a result of broken down glues.
  • Never Compress – WellnessMats have an unprecedented immediate recovery (bounce back) and are guaranteed to never lose their form. The one-piece APT polyurethane construction will not compress (squish down) creating dangerous high and low spots or lose resiliency. This results in consistent comfort, even where the most frequent standing occurs.
  • Sanitary Surface – WellnessMats are inherently anti-microbial and easily sanitized with a smooth surface that will not harbor harmful bacteria in cracks, crevices or tears.
  • Lasting Durability – WellnessMats carry an industry-leading 7 year manufacturers commercial warranty which dramatically reduces mat replacement costs for health clubs, studios, and home exercisers. You stand on it, WellnessMats stands behind it!

FitnessMat by WellnessMats Made in the USA with 7 Year Performance Warranty

OPTIONAL Grommets for FIT4:
Looking for an easy storage solution for your FIT4 mat? Add grommets to your order if you want the option of hanging up your FitnessMat using the Wall Mounted Bracket. Mat will come delivered with 2 hanging grommets installed in top corners. 1/2" hole diameter.

OPTIONAL Wall Mounted Bracket for FIT4:
This wall-mounted storage solution is perfect for a single FIT4 mat in your home gym, or for hanging up to (6) FitnessMats in a group fitness training zone or other gym setting.

  • Compatible with FIT4 FitnessMat purchased with Grommet option
  • Steel construction with attractive black finish
  • 23.75" W x 2.5" H x 7.5" D (from wall)
  • 0.125" back plate thickness
  • Mounting hole distance 16" center-on-center for standard wood stud spacing
  • Storage posts distance 19.5" center-on center (assembly to back plate required)
  • 0.5" diameter posts to accommodate WellnessMat grommets
  • Storage capacity: 6 mats
  • When purchased with single FIT4 mat, will ship inside same box as mat | If purchased with multiple mats, will ship in separate box
  • Mounting hardware NOT included

FitnessMat Wall Mounted Bracket

Maintenance and Cleaning: Designed to provide comfort and well-being, WellnessMats require little to no special care. Most spills can be easily cleaned with warm water and a towel or mop. For more difficult stains, mild soap and water are recommended. Mats can be spot cleaned, swept, or stick vacuumed (non-brushrolled) as needed. WellnessMats recommends that you always test use of any chemicals or industrial cleaning solutions on a small portion of the mat before applying over larger surface.

Wearing small heeled shoes on WellnessMats is discouraged, and while unusual, may leave indentation marks or punctures.

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