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CARPETile Sport Commercial Indoor Carpet Tiles | IRON COMPANY (CARPETILE-SPORT) – CARPETile® Sport looks... Read More

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CARPETile Sport Commercial Indoor Carpet Tiles | IRON COMPANY (CARPETILE-SPORT) – CARPETile® Sport looks and feels like a commercial carpet but is designed for the rigors of fitness equipment areas. The flexibility of CARPETile® Sport allows you to create patterns, borders, curves and even logos. Carpeting is the most versatile flooring material available but traditional carpet doesn't perform well in fitness areas because most carpet is made of woven fabric that absorbs everything from perspiration, to spills, to grease from your fitness equipment. Traditional carpet also releases small fibers which end up getting into the gears of your expensive machines, causing extra strain on the motors and working parts, and leads to more maintenance and a shorter equipment life. CARPETile® Sport doesn't utilize absorbent fibers, holds up to the rigors of fitness equipment use and allows you the design flexibility that only comes with carpet. CARPETile® Sport is manufactured utilizing a 100% polypropylene fiber that's warranted for five full years.

Ironcompany CARPETile® Sport
Sizing Chart

Tile Dimensions

Sq. ft. per Tile

Tile minimum

Sq. Ft. minimum

19.69" x 19.69"




CARPETile® Sport Benefits:

  • CARPETile® Sport looks and feels like a commercial carpet
    The soft plastic fibers allows for a multitude of patterns, textures, and colors and provides virtually unlimited design options.
  • CARPETile® Sport holds up better
    The needle punch technique used in the manufacturing process prevents the fraying and zippering you find with commercial carpets.
  • CARPETile® Sport is completely closed cell weave
    Makes it fast-drying and completely antimicrobial. This prevents it from staining or mildewing, and it won't indent from heavy machinery placed on it.
  • CARPETile® Sport cleans like a commercial carpet
    Just regular vacuuming and standard shampooing methods will keep your CARPETile® Sport looking new.

CARPETile® Sport Tiles are available in the following colors:

Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Mid Grey Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Anthracite Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Black Shadow Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Denim Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Olive

Mid Grey


Black Shadow




Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Autumn Green Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Pebble Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Cognac Premier Flooring CARPETile Sport Root Beer Premier Flooring CARPETile Cranberry

Autumn Green



Root Beer


CARPETile® Sport is a great flooring solution for the following areas:

  • Fitness Centers
  • Cardio Rooms
  • Home gyms
  • Group Cycling
  • Locker Rooms
  • Childcare Areas
  • Spas
  • Office Environments
  • Airports
  • Conference Rooms
  • Restaurant Entryways
  • Common Areas and Lobbies

CARPETile® Sport Installation:

Before laying tiles, it is recommended they are stored at room temperature 60°F-70°F (15°C-20°C). The tiles can be loose laid on flat, dry floors free from impurities such as oil, grease etc. Cracked floors should be filled, and uneven floors covered with hardboard. Dusty floors should be primed. Because of the high insulation value of these tiles it is not recommended they be laid when under-floor heating systems are in use. On very large installations, it is advisable to secure 1 in 5 rows with double-sided tape Where tiles are to be used under caster chairs, tiles should be fully secured. The tiles may be laid by marking across in the center of the room and working outwards from this, the marker cross may be moved to facilitate these of full tiles in doorways, etc. Tiles must be laid by turning alternate tiles through 90 degrees to obtain a checker pattern. An arrow on the back of each tile indicates the pile direction. Only tiles with the same batch number should be laid together.

CARPETile® Sport Maintenance:

Regular vacuuming (Weekly in low-traffic areas, and daily or twice daily in areas with higher traffic) with a motor-driven brush and beater bar can remove up to 80% of surface dirt, and is the easiest way to prolong the life of your carpet. Regular vacuuming is key to maintaining your carpet, but eventually the carpet color dulls from dirt and grime stuck in the fibers. The dirt is then carried further into the building to form more soil reservoirs. Additionally, the oil content (15%) of the soil causes particles to stick to carpet fiber and resist vacuuming. To restore the carpet to its best condition, frequent light cleaning gives the best result and is often very cost effective.

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CARPETile Sport Commercial Indoor Carpet Tiles | IRON COMPANY (CARPETILE-SPORT)
CARPETile Sport Commercial Indoor Carpet Tiles | IRON COMPANY (CARPETILE-SPORT)