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CocoAbsorb boom sock leak and spill absorbent for sale by

CocoAbsorb™ Boom Sock Spill Absorbent | CocoAbsorb (CCA-SOCK) - CocoAbsorb Boom Socks make responding to a spill of any kind quick and easy. Boom socks are available in lengths of 5' and 10' and can be linked together to absorb and contain leaks and spills of any size. The "sock" is made from Interlock Twist Yarn "ITY" allowing chemicals and lubricants to enter and be contained on the inside by CocoAbsorb. Boom socks will follow the contours of the surface they are applied to making them ideal for uneven surfaces. CocoAbsorb is also "hydrophobic" and will not soak up water, which makes them buoyant and able to absorb chemicals and lubricants on the surface. Use them to contain runoff with chemicals, lubricants, fertilizers and poisons from entering storm drains and waterways. 

CocoAbsorb Boom Socks are the ultimate natural leak and spill absorbent for maintaining environmental compliance. CocoAbsorb is a sustainable byproduct of the Coconut foods industry and is free from harmful chemicals and toxic dust. CocoAbsorb's unique properties allow it to absorb up to 9X its own weight by locking in spills and completely encapsulating them to stop the spread fast and minimize clean-up time. The result is an absorption rate far superior and more efficient than traditional absorbents, such as kitty litter, pads and spill kits.

CocoAbsorb Boom Socks are a 100% All-Natural, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Absorbent and spill containment product ideal for containing leaks and spills in Commercial, Municipal, & Industrial applications. It is safe to use and effective in absorbing fluids in varying viscosities. Rapid absorption of fluids will turn spills into a solid, more manageable substance immediately on contact. This process not only saves you time on clean-ups and investment on the absorbent, but also greatly cuts down the cost of ever-increasing transportation and disposal fees. CocoAbsorb exceeds EPA Leachate Landfill Standards, California Dept of Fish & Wildlife Approved, USDA BioPreferred, UL/EcoLogo Certified. It is Non-Toxic & Crystalline Silica Free (Non-Carcinogenic), Non-Abrasive, Reusable & Creates Less Waste. It also, hardens Oil-Based, Acrylic, and Water-Based Paints.

CocoAbsorb™ - the natural coconut husk advantage!

Made entirely from the husks of coconuts, CocoAbsorb is a Universal Industrial Spill Absorbent that can absorb up to 9x its own mass. CocoAbsorb begins woking upon contact, encapsulating all types of hydrocarbons soaking it into its unique, hollow-like, spongy fibers. Many absorbents are very harmful to the user. They create nuisance dust, that can be extremely toxic to breathe and must be labeled as a known carcinogen. CocoAbsorb is crystalline silica free and does not create any sort of dust. It is safe for the user.

Since CocoAbsorb is naturally hydrophobic, CocoAbsorb will simultaneously absorb all hydrocarbons while repelling water which is a great solution for any type of sludge, fracking or oil drilling.

Another added benefit of CocoAbsorb is that it is lightweight. A 35 Liter bag of CocoAbsorb weighs approximately 12 pounds! The 35-liter bag is equivalent to four 50-pounds sacks of clay absorbent! This saves users big on environmental disposal fees, plus the added safety benefit of your operators not having to haul hundreds of pounds of clay.  Any way you look at it, CocoAbsorb is clearly the superior oil absorbent solution.

Another major advantage is the odor reduction benefits of CocoAbsorb.  CocoAbsorb has unique encapsulating qualities that help reduce foul odors related to decomposing sludges.


CocoAbsorb Boom Socks are made from coconut coir, a layer of fibrous material that is a  byproduct of the coconut industry. Its structure of hollow and narrow cells resemble honeycomb giving coir incredible water retention properties and making it a naturally superior absorbent. The chemical compound, phenol, is naturally found within coconut coir, making the fiber effective at bonding to hydrocarbons and oil for spill cleanup. Capillary cells draw in hydrocarbons instantly and take a little time to pull in the H2O molecules because it separates oil from water.

Coconut trees require no chemical fertilizers for growth and produce up to 200 coconuts a year, making the coconut an ideal renewable resource. Known for its environmental sustainability and versatility of uses, the coconut tree is used to produce a wide range of food products, cosmetics, natural absorbents,  soil additives, shelter, decorations, and much, much more.

CocoAbsorb Boom Sock Spill Absorbent is available for US Government purchases via, LLC GSA contract 47QSMA22D08NN.


CocoAbsorb Boom Socks make responding to any spill quick and easy!


Watch how effective CocoAbsorb is at totally absorbing transmission fluid on top of water
compared to kitty litter, which has zero absorption and simply sinks to the bottom. 


Watch CocoAbsorb in action as it absorbs oil again and again while leaving a clean surface

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CocoAbsorb Boom Sock Spill Absorbent | Coco Products (CCA-SOCK)
CocoAbsorb Boom Sock Spill Absorbent | Coco Products (CCA-SOCK)