Sanitizing Wipes Canisters 50ct x 12 - Alcohol Free | IRON COMPANY (IC-SW-50-CASE)

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Kills 99.9% Of Germs In Seconds
Fits In Standard Car Cup Holder
Heavy-Duty Material
Cleans, Sanitizes and Deodorizes
Automated Re-Order Program Available


Sanitizing Wipes Canisters 50ct x 12 - Alcohol Free | IRON COMPANY (IC-SW-50-CASE)
Sanitizing Wipes Canisters 50ct x 12 - Alcohol Free | IRON COMPANY (IC-SW-50-CASE)
Sanitizing Wipes Canisters 50ct x 12 - Alcohol Free | IRON COMPANY (IC-SW-50-CASE) Sanitizing Wipes Canisters for car cup holders, gym bags, backpacks, purses and more. IRON COMPANY Sanitizing Wipes Canisters are an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing and disinfecting campaign to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. IRON COMPANY Sanitizing Wipes come in a convenient self-dispensing canister small enough to take anywhere. IRON COMPANY FDA Listed Sanitizing Wipes are 8" x 6" and are made from heavy-duty material that won't tear or dry out like other pre-moistened wipes. IRON COMPANY Sanitizing Wipes Canisters fit snugly in any standard car cup holder for easy access at all times. IRON COMPANY Hand Sanitizing Wipes come in a convenient self-dispensing canister compact enough to easily fit in a gym bag. IRON COMPANY Sanitizer Wipes Canisters include 50 8" x 6" heavy-duty wipes conveniently packaged in a portable flip-top canister. IRON COMPANY Sanitizing Wipes Canister cases for our automated wipes re-order program.


Sanitizing Wipes Canisters 50ct x 12 - Alcohol Free | IRON COMPANY (IC-SW-50) - IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes canisters come in a functional and convenient self-dispensing canister that fits in a standard car cup holder, gym bag, backpack, purse, desk drawer and many other places larger wipes canisters won't fit. Our sanitizing wipes canisters make it easier than ever for the entire family to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, SARS and other viruses, bacteria and germs known to cause illness. And because IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes do not contain alcohol, they're not harmful to skin or other surfaces like other wipes can be. 

Purchase FDA listed sanitizing and cleaning canister wipes as a cost-effective germ fighting solution for home, school, work and anywhere else bacteria and fungus control is paramount. Our heavy-duty sanitizing wipes clean and deodorize by killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria and fungus in just seconds leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. And they're safe on hands!

Who Should Use Sanitizing Wipes?
Everyone should be using sanitizing wipes to help stop the spread of illness causing germs at home and in public. IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes are a powerful tool during the COVID-19 pandemic for promoting cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs from person to person and person to surface. They're also the next best sanitary alternative when hand washing with soap and water is not available. 

COVID-19 NEWS UPDATE 12-3-20 - Brigham Young University: Alcohol-free hand sanitizer just as effective against COVID-19 virus as alcohol-based versions. (this study was done using the same active ingredient used in IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes) Read the article here. 

High Quality Wipes!
IRON COMPANY has been offering sanitizing and disinfecting wipes to residential, commercial and government customers for over twenty years. We know the wipes business and what customers demand in a high-quality disposable wipe. Our sanitizing wipes offer everything you want in a pre-moistened towelette and nothing you don't. Our high quality sanitizing wipes are made from the most heavy-duty lint free material available and are free from unwanted toxins including bleach, phenol, ammonia and phosphates. Beware of dry, cheap fitness equipment wipes that are paper thin and easily tear! The pricing may be attractive but their inability to properly sanitize and kill dangerous germs won't be. Say goodbye to "wimpy wipes"!

Never Run Out Of Sanitizing Wipes Again!
Tired of running out of sanitizing wipes? In today's world, running out of sanitizing wipes is not an option! Ask us about our automated re-order program. We'll take the hassle and worry out of managing your disposable wipes inventory with automated weekly, bi-monthly or monthly shipments. Our automated wipes re-order program is perfect for schools, first responders, restaurants, offices, health care facilities, grocery stores, hotels and multi-unit housing, retail spaces and anywhere disposable wipes are used daily!

Purchasing Options:

  • Single Case: Contains 1-Case (12 canisters total)
  • 3-Cases: Contains 3-Cases (36 canisters total)
  • 1/2 Pallet: Contains 54-Cases (648 canisters total)
  • Full Pallet: Contains 108-Cases (1,296 canisters total)

Sanitizing Wipes Applications:

  • Gyms
  • Government
  • Schools
  • First Responders
  • Industrial
  • Restrooms
  • Healthcare 
  • Senior Centers and Nursing Homes
  • Grocery
  • Retail
  • Day Care
  • Hotels, Apartments, Multi-Unit Housing
  • Food Service and Restaurants
  • Office


IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes automated re-order program for gyms, government, schools and healthcare.


Automated Re-Order Program:

  • Re-Order / Item No.: IC-SW-50-CASE (case of twelve canisters)
  • GTIN: 00850024957022 (IC-SW-50-CASE)
  • Set-Up: To set-up your automated re-order program call John Sisk at 1-888-758-7527 ext. 720 or email . You can also contact one of our other qualified sales reps to inquire.


Here are some key features to look for when sourcing quality made sanitizing wipes canisters for your home or facility:

  • Kills 99.9% of germs in seconds and provides protection well after the solution has dried. 
  • Kills Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, and all fungus.
  • More effective than hand sanitizing gel because each wipe cleans as it sanitizes.
  • The next best option to washing your hands.
  • Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes. 
  • Use anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenient compact canister fits in standard car cup holders, glove compartment, purse, gym bag, backpack, desk drawer and many more places larger canisters won't fit. 
  • Safe on hands. Does not dehydrate and crack skin from frequent use like alcohol-based sanitizers. 
  • Contains Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Does not include bleach, ammonia, phosphates or phenol.
  • Heavy-duty wipe material thicker than most sanitizing wipes on the market.
  • Lint free.
  • Fresh lemon scent.
  • (50) 8" x 6" wipes per canister. 
  • Automated Re-Order program available. Contact John Sisk at or one of our other qualified reps to inquire. 
  • Government Purchase: Available for open market Government and Military purchase through IRON COMPANY GSA contract 47QSMA22D08NN.
  • Read the Uses and Warnings statements on back label first before using. Caution: For external use only. May cause eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.
  • Requires a 15-second contact time for proper sanitizing.
  • FDA Listed.
  • Non-Flammable.

IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes refill automated re-order program


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    When purchasing sanitizing wipes canisters for your home or facility, the following specifications are a great buyers guide to ensure you receive a quality made product that will perform to your expectations:

    • Wipe Size: 8" x 6"
    • Wipe Quantity: 50 wipes per canister. 
    • Wipe Quality: Heavy-duty non-woven Spunbond material is thicker than most sanitizing wipes on the market to hold their shape and prevent tearing.
    • Moisture Level: Sufficient germ killing moisture to clean and sanitize thoroughly.
    • Kill Time: Kills 99.9% of most common germs in seconds. 
    • Free From: Alcohol, bleach, ammonia, phosphates and phenol. Safe on hands. 
    • Non-toxic and non-irritating.
    • Scent: Lemon scented wipes deodorize by killing bacteria and fungus. 
    • Individual Canister Dimensions: 7" H x 2-3/4" diameter at base (fits into standard auto cup holder)
    • Canisters Per Case: (12) 50 count canisters.
    • Case Ship Weight: 9 lbs.
    • Case Shipping Dims: 14" x 11" x 9"
    • Automated Re-Order program available. Contact John Sisk at or one of our other qualified reps to inquire.
    • Government Purchase: Available for open market Government and Military purchase through IRON COMPANY GSA contract 47QSMA22D08NN.
    • FDA Listed.
    • Non-Flammable.

    Click here to view Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for IC-SW Sanitizing Wipes

    Shipping Included - Depending on the size of your order, your new sanitizing wipes canisters will ship out via UPS or LTL freight. The delivery guide below will help identify which of the two delivery methods will be included to your location:

    • UPS delivery is included within the lower 48 states. Online orders outside of the lower 48 states will have additional UPS charges emailed to customer within 24-hours and will be charged and shipped upon approval by customer.
    • LTL Freight (multiple cases): This delivery is considered to be a curbside delivery only and will be delivered to a location at your address that is acceptable for a tractor trailer at the drivers discretion. Customers are required to be available at the time of delivery to inspect the shipment and sign the delivery receipt. Your shipment includes a 24-hour notification call and lift gate service.
    • Available for will-call in Farmers Branch, TX. (8.25% sales tax applies)
    • No returns at this time.
    • Ships weekdays in approx. 24-48 hours (unless pre-ordering).
    • Shipping Dims (per case): 14" x 11" x 9"
    • Case Ship Weight (per case): 9 lbs.
    • Ship Weight/Class (1/2 pallet - 54 cases): 550 lbs. (class 92.5)
    • Ship Weight/Class (full pallet - 108 cases): 1,030 lbs. (class 85)