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Configurations: Center, Beveled Border, Beveled Corner
Colors: 16 Standard and Premium Options

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Virgin Rubber Interlocking Weight Room Flooring Tiles – Rubber flooring is essential in protecting your floors and the equipment you've invested in. Selecting the right product for your location is paramount in the products ability to perform and protect properly. Choosing a product that is too thin or falls apart from heavy weight drop is not uncommon in the pursuit of affordable gym flooring. However, properly educating yourself on your rubber flooring needs and spending a little bit more will often greatly expand the life of your rubber flooring investment as well as provide the protection needed to avoid damage.

Mitchell Rubber Best Flex Interlocking Flooring Tiles are a high quality protective flooring solution that offers a 7/16" thick protective barrier and brilliant virgin rubber colors not available anywhere else in the flooring industry. Each high quality tile features a non-slip pebble grain finish that resembles that of football leather. Corners and edges feature a built in beveled edge that reduces tripping hazards and makes transitioning your interlocking gym mats to other flooring surfaces easy and aesthetically pleasing.


Virgin Rubber Info and Advantages – Virgin rubber does not use any form of recycled rubber from tires or any other source. Its formula is primarily made up of virgin rubber, synthetic rubber polymer EPDM and SBR and about 5% crude rubber. Some virgin rubber will include a fire retardant additive to make it suitable for installations like hospitals that can have stringent guidelines and restrictions on building materials used. 400 lbs. of this rubber formula is put into a mixer for ten minutes of constant mixing. This mixture, or batter, is transported to a press that is heated by steam to 350 degrees. This press exerts 2,000 PSI and together with the high heat completes the vulcanization, or cooking, process in about ten minutes. As with any mold, there is always excess material around the edges. So once the virgin rubber flooring tiles exit the press they are trimmed clean and then put on a cooling rack. One of the biggest selling points of virgin rubber is the esthetics. Both diamond plate and interlocking tiles are available in rich solid colors provided by a mixture of natural rubber pigments and iron oxides that is present throughout the entire tile and not just on the surface. Virgin rubber is another very resilient material that demonstrates a tensile strength of not less than 890 PSI and a compression recovery testing yield no less than 90%, which is ideal for weight drop. Virgin rubber is suitable for home gyms, training studios and commercial gyms. Virgin is also non-porous and does not require a sealant.


At IRON COMPANY® we pride ourselves on educating our customers and helping them make the best flooring decision possible based on their needs, fitness goals and budget. Please contact an IRON COMPANY® flooring expert today at 1-888-758-7527 if you have questions, need a quote or would like a free sample mailed to you.

Most IRON COMPANY® interlocking rubber flooring products can be found on the GSA Advantage website through our GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A.


Virgin Rubber Interlocking Weight Room Flooring Tiles are available in the following configurations:

CENTER Tiles 2' x 2' x 7/16" (4 sq ft) – Each virgin rubber interlocking center tile is made from solid virgin rubber and features interlocking tabs on all sides. These tabs can be connected to other center tiles as well as borders and corners. If installing against a wall you can simply trim off tabs for a flush fit.

BORDER Tiles 2' x 1' x 7/16" (2 sq ft) – Border tiles can be connected to other border tiles as well as centers and corners. They feature he same non-slip pebble grain finish as the centers and corners. Each tile includes a built-in beveled edge for transitioning to other floor surfaces.

CORNER Tiles 2' x 2' x 1' (L-Shaped) x 7/16" (3 sq ft) – Corner tiles connect to border tiles and center tiles and feature two beveled edges that nicely finish each corner. For borders or corners that will install against a wall the bevel can simply be trimmed off with a razor knife.


Minimum Tile Requirements by Order:

  • All Colors - 25 Tile Minimum (Per Color)
  • *Order may include different tile configurations (center, border, corner) to meet the minimum tile number requirement. Minimum order for colored tiles must be within the same color (cannot mix and match different colors to meet the minimum tile number requirement).
  • Special Black - Orderable only when installing Black tiles with Color tiles.



  • Made from 100% Virgin Rubber
  • High tensile strength for extreme wear resistance
  • Weight: 3 lbs. per square foot (approximate)
    • Center Tile – 12 lbs. each
    • Corner Tile – 8.5 lbs. each
    • Border Tile – 6 lbs. each
  • No adhesive required for install
  • Non-porous and easy to clean
  • Non-slip pebble grain finish
  • 10-Year Warranty - *This doesn't cover excessive destruction


Approximate Lead Times for Order Processing and Production (PRIOR to Shipping):

  • Black: Contact an IRON COMPANY rep for current lead times. 
  • All Colors: Contact an IRON COMPANY rep for current lead times.
  • *Please consult with an IRON COMPANY® flooring rep for grand opening lead times or other delivery concerns


Other Applications for Virgin Rubber Interlocking Weight Room Flooring Tiles:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Ice Rinks
  • Spike Protection
  • Golf Course
  • In-Line Skating
  • Cardio Decks
  • Multi-Purpose Areas
  • Changing Areas


IRON COMPANY® Solid Color Interlocking Tile - Color Options
(Click on Color to Enlarge)

khaki rubber puzzle tiles terracotta rubber gym tiles brown rubber flooring tiles green interlocking gym flooring


Terra Cotta



royal blue rubber gym flooring red virgin rubber flooring tiles burgundy weight room flooring tiles dust blue rubber gym tiles

Royal Blue

Brilliant Red


Dust Blue

grey mitchell rubber best flex flooring tiles black mitchell rubber best flex gym flooring lime mitchell rubber best flex weight room flooring honeydew rubber interlocking gym tiles





sky blue rubber puzzle tiles sahara rubber weightlifting flooring avocado impact resistant rubber flooring ocean interlocking rubber floor tiles

Sky Blue





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Virgin Rubber Interlocking Weight Room Flooring Tiles | IRON COMPANY (BF)
Virgin Rubber Interlocking Weight Room Flooring Tiles | IRON COMPANY (BF)