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Self-Guided SMART Stability Balls by Prism Fitness Group For the experienced workout enthusiast or fitness trainer the exercise versatility offered by a stability ball may seem like a no-brainer. We can probably envision dozens of stability ball exercises right off the top of our head. But, for those that are not experienced stability ball users its a different story. The beginner stability ball user may only have a general idea of what the ball is used for and therefore needs help learning the basics so that he or she can begin to perform basic stability ball exercises that target the muscles in the body so that they can begin to achieve results. Without a trainer or someone demonstrating how to perform these exercises, what is one to do? Enter the Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball by Prism Fitness. Each ball has a total of 13 different exercises printed around the circumference that includes the name of each exercise, basic hand and body placement tips, set and rep count suggestions and an illustration of each exercise. The SMART Stability Ball is the next best thing to having a trainer with you at all times showing you how to properly perform all 13 exercises. And once youve mastered these exercises you will then have the basic knowledge of how a stability ball works and feels to be able to progress to more advanced exercises.

Where can a Self-Guiding SMART Exercise Ball be used? Each ball is made from burst-resistant PVC material that was designed to withstand commercial environments. However, fitness studio and club owners are finding that the SMART Stability Ball has become an important asset to their facility in offering basic exercise guidance even when a trainer may not be available. The SMART Stability Ball has proven to help reduce the intimidation factor that some new users may associate with this type of exercise tool therefore making them feel more comfortable in their workout environment which tends to increase their exercise program consistency and overall success rate. Use the SMART Stability Ball in the home, fitness studio and club or anywhere you prefer to exercise.


Need a quick custom quote or a bulk discount? Call an Self-Guiding Stability Ball specialist today at 1-888-758-7527. You can also email

Available Single SMART Stability Balls:

  • 400-150-010 (1) Yellow 55cm Stability Ball (pump included)
  • 400-150-011 - (1) Green 65cm Stability Ball (pump included)
  • 400-150-012 - (1) Blue 75cm Stability Ball (pump included)

Available SMART Stability Ball Package Set:

  • 400-150-162: (1 each) 55cm, 65cm, 75cm Stability Balls, (3) Hand Pumps, and (1) Wall-Mounted Storage Rack

SMART Stability Ball Sizing Chart:

  • 55cm Height: 5 1" to 5' 7"
  • 65cm Height: 5' 8" to 6' 1"
  • 75cm - Height: 6' 1" and over

SMART Stability Ball Features:

  • Three different sizes (55, 65 and 75cm) to accommodate different body sizes and heights
  • 13 exercises are printed on each ball for easy reference
  • Exercise examples are the Superman, Plank to Pike, Ball Push-Up and Twist Sit-Up
  • Fitness balls are color coded by size for easy size identification from any distance
  • Burst Resistant
  • PVC commercial-grade construction
  • Pump included with every ball
  • Use anywhere including the home, fitness studios, clubs, schools, etc.
  • Training versatility allows you to train all muscles in the body
  • Incorporate other fitness tools such as hand weights and stretch bands
  • Individual Ship Weights: 55cm = 5 lbs | 65cm = 5 lbs | 75cm = 6 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions for 55cm, 65cm, 75cm shipping together (as part of 400-150-162 package): 17" x 15" x 12" (14 lbs)

SMART Stability Ball Rack (400-150-167) Features:

  • Included in 400-150-162 package set or sold separately
  • Convenient stability ball storage rack allows 3 balls of varying diameters to be easily accessible to all users
  • Wall-mounted space saving design
  • All steel construction
  • Attractive silver powder coated finish
  • Rings are all 15" in outside diameter and 14" in inside diameter
  • Top rings start 7" out from spine of rack and middle/bottom rings start 7.5" out from spine of rack
  • Vertical distance between rings: 29" (73.7cm) space between top and middle rings | 33.5" (85.1cm) space between middle and bottom rings
  • Staggered placement on spine to allow more storage room and better access for balls
  • Designed to accommodate most stability balls sized 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm when stacked in sequence from top to bottom (55cm ball on top ring, 65cm ball on middle ring, 75cm ball on bottom ring)
  • NOTE: 75cm ball is intended for storage on bottom ring only and will not fit on top or middle ring when fully inflated
  • Also accommodates most half dome balance trainers (sized 25" in diameter or smaller) stored upside down
  • Four wall mounting points (mounting hardware NOT included)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 16" W x 70" H x 22" D
  • Wall Spine Dimensions: 5" W x 70" H x 0.25" D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 74" x 20" x 6" (40 lbs)

SMART Stability Ball Benefits:

  • Each ball guides the user through 13 basic ball exercises with or without the help of a trainer
  • Utilizes the users own bodyweight as resistance
  • Supports lower back as exercises and stretches are performed
  • Improves core stability which tones and strengthens core while improving on execution of other exercises
  • Helps maintain natural posture in the lower back as exercises are performed
  • Assists in correcting anterior and posterior muscle imbalance issues
  • One of the most effective and affordable fitness tools that is portable and can be used anywhere


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Self-Guided SMART Stability Balls -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-SB)
Self-Guided SMART Stability Balls -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-SB)