Grappler Training Grip Attachments with Straps Grandfather Chime Pull-Up Grips (Pair) -- Apollo Athletics (CFR-A-T-S)

Apollo grappler training pull up grips with attachment straps and carabiner
Apollo grappler training pull up grips with attachment straps and carabiner
Apollo grappler training pull up grips with attachment straps and carabiner

Apollo Athletics Grappler Training Grip Attachments with Straps - Mixed martial arts training and MMA competition focuses strongly on the ability to grab, hold, and secure your opponent. The main "tool" in this form of combative sport is the hand itself. A weak grip can mean a loose hold which can then lead to defeat. How do you build grip strength to increase your ability to grapple? Grip strength and neuro-muscular grip endurance can be improved by holding firmly onto an object that pulls against you with resistance or force. Another way is to grab firmly and pull yourself towards or up to that object. Enter the Grappler Training Grip Attachment, or "Grandfather Clock Chime" Pull-Up Grip as it is nicknamed due to its appearance when hanging from a pull-up bar or beam. Similar to many fat bar cable handles and thick grip attachments, the Grappler Training Grips are 1-7/8" in diameter, which also closely approaches the average diameter of wrists and ankles for MMA training. The harder you grip, the stronger you get. The only way to be the best at grappling is to have a grip like a vice. Grab hold and don't let go!

Hang the grappler training grips with the durable nylon straps and carabiner system to any framing beam or pull-up bar on a power cage, crossfit rig, half rack, or wall mounted chin-up bar for suspended body weight training. Or, attach them to a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell to increase grip strength while performing deadlifts, shrugs, farmers walk, and other strongman training and functional training movements. Remove the nylon straps and attach the grip chimes to any cable machine using the heavy duty carabiners. The thick steel, clean smooth welds, and durable powder coated finish means your grip training attachments will hold up for years of strength training and will always have a place in your gym bag. The textured surface also holds more chalk when used by the serious athlete for a more secure "hands-on" grip. Let your imagination go wild with these grip building accessories!


  • (2) Grandfather Chime Grips
  • (2) Fastening Straps
  • (2) Carabiners


  • Fabricated from 10-gauge (3.5mm thick) steel tubing with open bottom end
  • 6 inch long gripping area to accommodate all hand sizes
  • 1-7/8" diameter for thick grip training
  • 1.25" high welded steel hanging bracket for attachment to carabiner
  • Black powder coated textured finish for better gripping
  • 16" long commercially rated sewn nylon straps with loops (goes over pull-up bar and then secures by attaching to 4" carabiner clip)
  • Attaches to all cable pulley systems


  • Unit dimensions (chime gripping area only): 6" H x 1-7/8" W
  • Unit dimensions (including carabiner bracket): 7.25" H x 1-7/8" W
  • Unit weight: 1.65 lbs. each / 3.3 lbs. for pair
  • Shipping dimensions (packaged): 8.25" x 4.75" x 3.25"
  • Shipping weight (packaged): 4 lbs.

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