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Dumbbells and Bar NOT Included

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Grip4orce Gripforce Trainer Bar Grips -Grip4orce performance enhancing bar grips allow the user to thick bar train without the expense of purchasing a thick bar. Grip4orce grips can be used to enhance and train the grip on weight lifting bars, dumbbell handles and even cable attachments. The secret is in the patented Inner-Core technology, designed and developed to deliver superior results. They can even be used as a stand-alone hand gripper.

The patented Grip4orce performance enhancing grips are recommended by some of the worlds top strength and conditioning trainers and coaches in baseball, basketball, bowling, climbing, fishing, strength training, football, golf, mixed martial arts, military, rehabilitation, tennis, wrestling, and hockey. Count on the Grip4orce grips to hone your abilities and stamina and push your skills, and your game, to the next level.

Grip4orce has an Inner-Core Resistance that thick or regular bars don't have. Why Tension? The act of squeezing the bar firmly is important for safety and crucial when looking to develop strength and muscle. With Grip4orce, the increased hand tension will produce an immediate increase in the force of joint flexion and extension, thereby promoting faster gains in grip strength and activating more hard-to-reach muscles throughout the body.


  • Includes (1) Pair Grip4orce Bar Grips
  • Size: 2" wide x 4-3/4" long (each)
  • Weight: 11 oz per pair
  • Available in Black, Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue
  • Constructed with non-latex synthetic rubber with a polymer insert
  • Non-toxic and contains NO phthalates
  • Shipping Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 3" (1 lb.)


  • Spreads weight evenly for reduced negative joint strain
  • Internal Polymer Resistance Core Intermediate and Advanced
  • Anti-Slip Tread Design
  • Forces hand into active grip state
  • Converts barbells, dumbbells, and cable attachments to larger 2" diameter
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone hand grip device


  • Improves Mind Muscle Connection (MMC)
  • Target as close to 100% of total muscle fiber recruitment
  • Enhances stimulation to the working muscles
  • Increased Thumb, Hand, Forearm, and Grip Strength
  • Increased Grip Strength while doing your normal exercises
  • Increased Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Stability
  • Increased Arm Pump

Exercise Program Applications:

  • Grip Strength (Grip Stability) - Resistance against unwanted motion creating strength in the wrist. Giving Athletes more control over their opponents.
  • Hand Strength (Support Grip) - Holding on to objects or opponents for long periods of time. Never again will your hands or arms get weak late in the game.
  • Finger Strength (Pinch Grip) - Using the fingers and thumbs to lift an object without the palm touching. Never overlook the importance of the fingers.
  • Forearm Strength (Crush Grip) - Allowing you to squeeze with maximum force. Creating hand strength with minimum reaction time. Seconds matter.

Flex Options:

  • Intermediate (Regular) Flex - The perfect grip devise to use on all bars and dumbbells due to its lighter resistance. Most highly recommended.
  • Advanced (Stiff) Flex - Specifically engineered for the elite athlete or advanced lifter. If you're up for a challenge then the Advanced Flex is for you!

Recommendation by Sport - Intermediate (Regular) or Advanced (Stiff):

  • Baseball: Regular for High School - Stiff and Regular for College and Pro
  • Basketball: Regular
  • Climbing: Regular (Stiff for Hand Gripper)
  • Strength Training: Regular and Stiff
  • Football: Regular for High School - Stiff and Regular for College and Pro
  • Golf: Regular (Stiff for Hand Gripper)
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Regular and Stiff
  • Tennis: Regular (Stiff for Hand Gripper)
  • Hockey: Regular and Stiff
  • Lacrosse: Regular and Stiff
  • Arm Wrestling: Stiff
  • Gymnastics: Regular
  • Motor Cross: Regular
  • Women: Start off with Regular
  • Teenagers and Adults: Start off with Regular

Instructions: Grip4orce should be grasped with the opening facing away from the palm. When closing Grip4orce down, place equal pressure with each finger to activate more muscle with virtually every exercise in the gym. Use Grip4orce in closed state on bar(s).

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