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Cardio Training

RAW Cardio Training teaches you how to parallel your cardio training with your nutrition and resistance training programs for maximum lean muscle gains, strength increases and fat oxidization. Learn how to lean out for a ripped physique while simultaneously building muscle and increasing strength.
  1. Cardio Capacity - The MMA Gas Tank

  2. Heart Rate Monitor - Strap Up

  3. Sprinting and Resistance Training - Obtaining the Subtle Balance

  4. Fasted Cardio Training

  5. Powerwalking - Big Man Cardio Training

  6. Fan Bike - The Ultimate Cardio Training Tool

  7. Mechanical Doping For Enhanced Sports Performance

  8. Charlie Francis - Speed Trap

  9. The Fan Bike - Benefits Of Quad Limb Cardio Training

  10. Sustained Strength and Sprinting