Best Value Kettlebells for Commercial Clubs and Outdoor Military Training

Best Value Kettlebells for Commercial Clubs and Outdoor Military Training

With many brands of kettlebells and kettlebell sets available, you may be wondering what brand of kettlebell you should purchase. The numerous brands, styles, and finishes now available attest to their global popularity due to their proven benefits for strength and conditioning.

Kettlebells were developed originally as a method of weighing crops and material in the 18th century in Russia. During festivities, farmers would display their strength utilizing the kettlebells. The use of kettlebells evolved from entertainment to a competitive national sport in Russia in the late 20th century, and implemented into strength training programs for their conditioning benefits. The United States became introduced to kettlebell training in the late 20th century by former Soviet Special Forces training instructor Pavel Tsatouline. Shortly after the kettlebell movement in the US was in full swing with a Russian Kettlebell Certification program via John Du Cane’s Dragon Door, and making its mark in American fitness culture.

What are the benefits of using a kettlebell?

Kettlebells are a great training tool for men and women. The shape of a compact weighted ball end with handle on top is simple in design, convenient for use any time, and are relatively inexpensive. Due to its design, the center of gravity is not in the middle of the handle like a dumbbell, but external to the hand. This difference in the center of gravity on a kettlebell provides a more complex reaction to the human body during movement, requiring more stabilizing muscles to be recruited. You’ll also find that many of the kettlebell exercises consist of total-body movements strengthening the body heady to toe, functional strength benefiting the weekend warrior up to elite athlete.

Kettlebell Exercises

Why choose the Hampton Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebells?

Hampton Fitness Kettlebells were designed to bring the best value kettlebell to the market with a classic Russian kettlebell design – spherical bell, flat base, slightly curved handle, and curved horns. Each Hampton Fitness kettlebell is one piece cast from ASTM grade 20 cast iron, making it less susceptible to breaking compared to economy kettlebells that have handles welded to the ball. A mild textured enamel is twice baked on the Hampton Kettlebells after filing down, providing good grip when performing certain exercises and chalking, but smooth enough for easy rotation of the handle during loose grip movements. For a more customized grip, Hampton Fitness Cast Iron kettlebell handles can be filed down and sanded to personal preference by the end user.

The Cast Iron HKB Kettlebells by Hampton are available from 5 lbs. to 45 lbs. in 5 lb. increments, and 50 lbs. to 100 lbs. in 10 lb. increments, providing a wide weight range for the novice exerciser to kettlebell enthusiast, with 3% weight accuracy or greater.

Hampton Black Cast Iron Russian Kettlebell Hampton Black Cast Iron Russian Kettlebell


Hampton Fitness Urethane Coated Kettlebells for commercial, military and outdoor use.

Polyurethane is commonly utilized to coat commercial grade dumbbells, fixed barbells, and Olympic plates, providing protection from impact as well as to prevent the metal underneath from rusting. To meet the demands of outdoor group training, commercial health clubs that require coated weights to protect members and the equipment, and corrosion resistance from temperate environments of military training around the world are the Hampton Fitness Urethane Coated Kettlebells.

The Urethane Coated Kettlebells begin production from single mold cast iron cores. The cores are lightly sanded for better adhesion of the urethane coating. The urethane coating is shot onto the entire prepared cores then dried, resulting in a slip resistant, weather ready training tool with a coarser handle, providing more grip compared to the painted kettlebell counterpart. The urethane coated kettlebells not only provide a coating without an odor, unlike rubber coated kettlebells, but they also dampen noise when kettlebells impact another during double kettlebell exercises.

The urethane coating itself is a durable military equipment urethane coating designed for blast mitigation and resilient to outdoor elements. The Hampton Urethane Coated Kettlebells make a great choice for Crossfit facilities, commercial gyms, facilities in tropical weather, military boot camps, and much more!

Hampton Impact Resistant Urethane Coated Kettlebell

Where to Purchase Hampton Fitness Cast Iron and Urethane Coated Kettlebells

Ready to purchase Hampton Fitness Cast Iron HKB or Urethane Coated HKB-U kettlebells for your gym or for GSA purchase? is your one-stop-shop for Hampton Fitness commercial equipment and made in the USA urethane coated kettlebells. GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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