2019 Fitness Trends and Predictions

2019 Fitness Trends and Predictions

What are the fitness trends of 2019? Raw, rippling muscles. Lean, mean fighting machines. Washboard abs able to do several loads of laundry. More powerful than a speeding locomotive. These are a few of our favorite things. In the fitness world, we set goals: More muscle, more tone, more power, go lean, lose weight, gain weight, go faster. It's all about excellence. And we mean business.

We at IRON COMPANY understand iron, the kind that builds brawn and bristle. We know what it takes to become a rock star - in the physique sense of the word. Looking ahead into 2019, we present to you the latest fitness trends.

Top Fitness Trends for the New Year

  1. The older, the hardier. At least when it comes to fitness. As the baby boomer generation moves into retirement, getting and staying in shape will become a top priority. This age group is one of the most health-conscious and goal-directed generations in history. With marketers touting youth- and vigor-restoring elixirs and proffering age-defying regimens, the popularity of sound principles of resistance training and weight training will soar. It's back to the machine.
  2. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. Not anymore. It's the barbell. It's the dumbbell. It's the clanking weights of the gym. It's the cables and the machines. Health experts are increasingly pointing to good, old-fashioned hoisting of heavy weightsas the panacea for a growing litany of ailments and afflictions. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say: "I'll be back." And indeed, Mr. Olympia is back in the house, proverbially speaking. High blood pressure? Elevated sugar levels? Chronic fatigue? Lift your way to vibrant health (after consulting with your physician first, of course).
  3. The days of sweaty, muscle-bound mad men posing in front of big wall-to-wall mirrors are long gone, fading into ancient fitness history - at least as far as weight training's primary aim is concerned. Fitness in 2019 will shift to what's called functional fitness. Proper weight training provides fitness enthusiasts with the greatly enhanced ability to perform everyday activities. Carrying in the groceries? No problemo. Gardening? No sweat. Even getting up and down from the couch. Like a Pogo Stick.
  4. Interval training is going to become the rage. It's called high-intensity internal training (HITT), and fitness aficionados alternate between all-out periods of exertion with times of taking it easy. Fast and furious HITT workouts are fantastic for those who don't have a lot of time. Dumbbells and barbells for HITT? You betcha.
  5. Taking it outside. Gyms are great places to join with like-minded exercisers. But more people are going to take their routines outdoors, under the big, blue canopy of clear sky. We're talking fresh air, vitamin D and maybe friends and family. No more restrictions.

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