The Cleaning Station All-In-One Gym Germ Fighter

The Cleaning Station All-In-One Gym Germ Fighter

Dispenses Gym Equipment Wipes, Hand Sanitizer with Trash Receptacle and Storage

Klebselia, E. Coli, Staph, Strep, Influenza, MRSA… Just a short list of the scariest gym and office germs we have the opportunity to come in contact with on a daily basis. Reading these names can conjure up images of menacing bacteria and germs that are frightening enough to play the lead role in a horror movie, invade our bodies and weaken our immune systems.

Short of living in a bubble, there is no way to avoid the countless opportunities you come into contact with bacteria and germs every day. Quite frankly, everywhere we go, we run the risk of meeting these not so friendly germ villains because they hang out in the most common and frequented areas of our lives! The saying “you can run but you can’t hide” rings true when it comes to dealing with daily germs in the places we train and work!

Just think about it. Let it settle in for a little while. The gym, that big fancy fitness center you pay money to every single month so you can achieve your highest goals in health and fitness, also has some of the worst gym members stalking your every move… GERMS! That’s right; the place you go to in order to get healthy throws the paradox of sickness right in your face! And, not to be outdone, the very office and workplace you spend countless hours at to build financial security to help support your family and future goals, has trap door pools of infection to slow you down… BACTERIA!

Oh the humanity! How on Earth are we to survive? There has to be something we can do, something we can use to help minimize and eliminate our chances with organisms out to get us!

Clean Holdings Dry Starter Kit for The Cleaning Station Clean Holdings Dry Starter Kit for The Cleaning Station


The Cleaning Station offers the perfect solution for sanitizing
With award winning good looks, The Cleaning Station is a beautiful all in one germ fighting solution that every facility needs. It combines a dry or moistened towel dispenser, a hand sanitizer dispenser, and a trash receptacle that is out of site along with shelves on each side conveniently built in to store cleaning or disinfecting sprays. Wrap this up in beautiful color tones of Black or Silver and this sleek virus fighting tool blends well into any setting.

It’s the perfect all in one solution to creating clean environments everywhere! It’s perfectly designed to bring together a choice of gym equipment wipes, antibacterial equipment cleaning wipes, disinfecting wipes or all purpose cleaning wipes. Couple this with locations to provide a hand sanitizer dispenser, aerosol or liquid disinfectant with a place to store trash and The Cleaning Station gym equipment wipe dispenser becomes one small space saving solution to gym and office cleanliness!

Gym Equipment Wipes Dispensing from The Cleaning Station Gym Equipment Wipes Dispensing from The Cleaning Station


Place The Cleaning Station in any room and it will inspire everyone to practice healthful living! It really is the answer to reducing the risk of becoming infected with bacteria and sickness in common fitness, play and work areas! Simply pull out a wet or dry towel from the top of The Cleaning Station, Spray the towel or the object your about to use or have just used, wipe the surface to kill the bacteria left behind from use, throw away the towel into the hidden trash can, pump out some hand sanitizer for a final sweep of cleanliness before you walk away! Quick, simple, safe and easy!

Clean Holdings Wet Starter Kit for The Cleaning Station Clean Holdings Wet Starter Kit for The Cleaning Station


Are germs and bacteria really everywhere in the gym and office?
The short answer is YES! Just Google “germs in the gym” or “germs in the office” and you will be presented with page after page of articles and studies that will scare you with the reality that is our world today. News reports on where bacteria flourishes and how to avoid germs will make you start to itch and feel like a hypochondriac!

Items in and around the gym that make great places for bacteria and germs to hide are: weight bench pads, weight selector pins, gyms handles (i.e. all handles such as lat, low row, bicep curl, loose accessory handle attachments or those fixed to machines), dumbbells, barbells and even water fountain push buttons.

Some of the most common workplace items that can harbor germs are: Door knobs, coffee pot handles, coffee stations, water coolers, staplers, pens, cups, phones, light switches, keyboards, break room furniture and your trusty cell phone!

Of course, these are just small mentions of places you are sure to find the culprits that make us sick and put us in a state of dis-ease! Imagine how many hundreds of places you’ve just walked past this week where you’ve dodged the sickness bullet. Shots are fired at you every single day and it only take one germ bullet to drop you. If you’re going out into the real world make sure to put on your bullet proof vest cause your being hunted right now as you read this!

Do I really need The Cleaning Station and where can I put it?
You invest in equipment for your fitness center to help improve the lives of your patrons. You offer them all the amenities one can imagine for convenience and entertainment and you also offer them the equipment they can push and pull their way to fitness. Why not keep your members coming back by introducing and encouraging healthy habits that start with organized cleanliness? That’s what The Cleaning Station offers!

Your office is a place of business and a place where you expect your employees to perform at their best to meet organizational goals. Without your loyal employees your business is an empty shell and progress stagnates and sits… just like all the bacteria hidden in the nooks and crannies just waiting to make your work horse sick. Next up, the phone calls from some that can’t make it in to work, the deadlines pushed back and sales objectives not met all due to office visitors who hitched a ride from someone who was sick and decided to stick around to crack jokes on your employees!

The Cleaning Station Kills Germs and Bacteria in Gyms, Offices and Everywhere. The Cleaning Station Kills Germs and Bacteria in Gyms, Offices and Everywhere.


Plain and simple, you do really need The Cleaning Station germ fighting solution! It’s really the most ideal way to keep your customers, clients and employees healthy as it becomes the go to tool designed as the all-in-one sanitizing solution to reduce the effects of germs and bacteria!

Put it anywhere! It really will fit in just about any setting and any office! The Cleaning Station is perfect for personal training studios, yoga studios, CrossFit locations, commercial fitness centers, corporate fitness facilities, doctor’s offices, hotel/motel and corporate facilities… the list goes on for miles. Name one place that comes to mind and put The Cleaning Station in there to help inspire healthy and clean habits to prevent sickness!

Where should I buy The Cleaning Station today?
With over 8,000 product offerings from over 150 plus manufacturers for fitness equipment, IRON COMPANY® also has a wonderful assortment of cleaning wipes, products and supplies. From disinfecting sprays, surface cleaning wipes, gym equipment wipes and workout towels, to all in one unique organization and sanitizing solutions such as The Cleaning Station, IRON COMPANY is ready and able to provide the solutions you need for your home, your office or your fitness facility!

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