GSA Fitness Equipment Purchasing - What Every Buyer Needs To Know

GSA Fitness Equipment Purchasing - What Every Buyer Needs To Know

Purchasing Fitness Equipment On GSA and CMAS Contract

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that buying fitness products for a government agency can be as difficult as trying to decipher the tax code. If you attempt to follow the massive rule-laden guidelines, too often the $2400 dumbbell is the end result. Take heart, as this article will provide clarity to the process.

Combined, the federal, state and local government of the United States is the world’s largest consumer. Fast, flexible and cost-effective procurement is a necessity today.

Government buyers need vendors that offer:

Expertise: Do business with someone who knows what they’re doing
Speed: Select vendors that are responsive
Selection: Buy at a one-stop shop
Flexibility: Tailor the procedure around your requirements
Value: It’s about more than price
Trust: Be confident throughout the process

Begin with a vendor business that has a GSA contract. GSA stands for the General Services Administration, which is the federal government’s centralized procurement branch. Having a GSA contract means the government has established a business relationship with that vendor that reflects competitive pricing and quality products. Additionally there is the CMAS contract, which is the California Multiple Award Schedules for California buyers on the state and local levels.

IRON COMPANY® has been a key source for government buyers since 2001 and a fitness equipment and gym flooring supplier since 1997. We are solution providers with a sales staff that is passionate about fitness and helping others. The IRON COMPANY sales team possesses decades of experience, and our fingers are on the pulse of the fitness industry.

No one wants to wait, and at IRON COMPANY, we understand that. Our goal is to respond quickly either via email or phone. IRON COMPANY values the opportunity to work with government buyers, and most quotes arrive within 2 hours or less. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting. In today’s purchasing environment, the clock is ticking. There is much to do and time is of the essence. Teaming with IRON COMPANY will ensure that you’re not wondering and waiting for someone to answer. We also understand budgets, appropriations and fiscal year deadlines. During those crunch times of “use it or lose it,” IRON COMPANY’s got your back.

IRON COMPANY offers a large selection of fitness equipment and gym flooring. IRON COMPANY offers a large selection of fitness equipment and gym flooring.


All IRON COMPANY qualified fitness equipment products can be found on the GSA Advantage website at Less is more when dealing with suppliers. IRON COMPANY works with approximately 150 different manufacturers that cover the entire gamut of fitness from gym flooring to strength equipment to cardio equipment, so you will only need to make one phone call. Keep it simple and let IRON COMPANY do the work.

In addition, we know how to make it happen with off-the-grid requests, such as a tournament-grade pool table for a US Embassy in the Pacific Rim. Or providing treadmills for submarines that will be dependable and make very little noise.

IRON COMPANY offers total logistics for GSA purchases IRON COMPANY offers total logistics for GSA purchases


At IRON COMPANY, our skill set goes beyond the sales aspect. We are well versed in procurement protocols and can assist with credit card “Micro Purchases,” IMPAC and SmartPay purchases, purchase orders, Fed Bid orders, GSA orders, Ebuy orders and RFQs. Recruit us to help you walk through the process, whether for contract or open-market items.

And we understand that each government organization has its own system. IRON COMPANY will work inside of your framework for doing business.

Plus, IRON COMPANY is experienced in logistic solutions, regardless of domestic or worldwide needs. We possess a vast knowledge of how the government depots function and the transportation industry operates and have the relationships necessary to get the job done seamlessly for our customers.

It is about more than price. It is about value, which is the balance between cost-effectiveness and benefit. And it’s about the buying experience from beginning to end. IRON COMPANY is committed to building long-term working relationships with government buyers. It’s not a one-and-done mentality.

Government buyers are for the most part “purchasing specialists.” Therefore, it is of paramount importance to partner with a dependable and reputable company. IRON COMPANY is a seasoned GSA fitness supplier with an outstanding GSA report card rated “EXCEPTIONAL,” which can be viewed here.

United States Armed Forces GSA Purchasing United States Armed Forces GSA Purchasing


IRON COMPANY is proud to be your ONE-STOP-SHOP for GSA procurement and government purchases for any branch of the military in all parts of the world. In addition to fitness equipment, fitness flooring, disinfecting gym equipment wipes, and cross-training gear, we are happy to assist you with any and all other open-market general supply needs your base or facility may have. Through IRON COMPANY you can source tools, appliances, office supplies, office furniture, sports equipment and recreation equipment (pool tables, air hockey tables, ping pong tables, volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and more), and whatever else you can think of. Why contact dozens of vendors when you can consolidate all your supply requests to one source vendor?

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GSA # GS-07F-0104M
CMAS # 4-12-78-0066A

About the Author

John Sisk is a former US Marine and is passionate about helping others achieve success in the arena of fitness. As a fitness industry veteran of over 40-years, John has the experience, product knowledge, and perspective that are second to none. John was founder and president of Legend Fitness for 29 years before teaming up with IRON COMPANY in 2006. With over 147 manufacturing partners, John has the right tools, experience, and expertise to ensure you get the best products for your fitness application, whether it is for military, commercial, or personal use. This is more than a job; it is a lifetime commitment to helping people. When not at IRON COMPANY, John can be found leading a Bible Study in the inner city or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Contact John here.