Stroops Beast Battle Ropes - Heavy Rope Training Evolved!

Stroops Beast Battle Ropes - Heavy Rope Training Evolved!

Ready to take heavy rope training to the next level? Add Beast Battle Ropes by Stroops for heavy rope training in a different dimension!

What is Battle Rope Training?

Battle ropes, also known as heavy ropes, are a method of high intensity, total body training that gets the body moving in new ways. Traditionally, heavy training ropes incorporate a 1.5” diameter natural fiber manila rope for outdoor training, or synthetic materials PolyDac blend or Polypropylene rope for indoor or outdoor use. Thicker 2” diameter heavy ropes are also available, which is a 33% increase in diameter requiring a stronger grip to maintain control during exercises. Heavy ropes are typically ordered in 50’, 40’, and 30’ rope lengths.

Battle Rope Training with Heavy Rope Battle Rope Training with Heavy Rope


Exercisers setup by wrapping the middle of the rope around a fixed point and are positioned 10’-20’ away depending on rope length. With the end of the rope in each hand, exercisers explosively whip, slam, and drag the ropes, while the most popular exercises are rhythmic undulating movements in which the rope moves in a wave. The movements are swift and rhythmic with the arms and shoulder, while the core muscles and lower body are constantly recruited to stabilize. An immediate cardiovascular challenge is experienced while muscular strength and endurance of the arms and hand grip, shoulders, back, torso, and legs are an added benefit.

Stroops Slastix Beast Battle Ropes with Horizontal Resistance Stroops Slastix Beast Battle Ropes with Horizontal Resistance


The Stroops Slastix Difference

Breaking the mold from standard Manila or synthetic heavy ropes, the Stroops Beast Battle Ropes are manufactured in the USA with Slastix, a high performance resistance band system. The Slastix technology begins with a high quality and high strength rubber and latex tubing as the core, encapsulated with a stretchable fabric sheathing to maximize durability and ensure the safety of the user. With the Slastix technology, Beast Battle Ropes combine elastic resistance with battle rope training. Due to the elastic forces pulling the user forward, core muscles engage to stabilize the user, while the upper and lower body works harder to oppose the pulling resistance when performing battle rope exercises. The net result is a Beast Battle Rope workout that incorporates the entire body when working against the Slastix resistance in all planes of motion.

Which Stroops Beast Battle Rope is right for me?

Beast Battle Ropes are available in four elastic resistance levels to suit any level of fitness, 47 lbs., 77 lbs., 105 lbs., and 150 lbs. of maximum elastic resistance. Although weights of each 20 ft. rope are 5, 7, 9, and 12 lbs. respectively, the maximum elastic resistance is the main determining variable when choosing the right rope with the 150 lbs. of Slastix resistance providing a super intense workout. Manufactured to a 20’ length with maximum 60’ stretch ability, take into consideration that the greater the Beast Battle Rope is stretched from its starting 20’ length, the greater the elastic resistance opposing the exerciser resulting in a more challenging workout.

Stroops Slastix Beast Battle Rope Outside Circle Training Stroops Slastix Beast Battle Rope Outside Circle Training


What other exercises can you perform with the Beast Battle Ropes?

With Slastix technology, the Beast Battle Ropes open the door to a library of elastic resistance exercises. Transition from battle rope training to exercises such as standing back rows, chest presses, trunk twists, and many more elastic resistance style workouts, plus add explosive sports performance exercises such as first step acceleration drills for the winning edge.

Where do I purchase the Beast Battle Rope and other Stroops Slastix products?

Made in the USA Stroops products are available for purchase from authorized dealer IRON COMPANY®, Inc. for residential, commercial, Military/Government purchase GSA MAS # GS-07F-0104M, and California Multiple Award Schedule purchase CMAS # 4-12-78-0066A.

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