Slastix Resistance Beast Battle Rope -- Stroops (BEAST-O)

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Stroops Slastix Resistance Beast Battle Rope The rope that fights back! Put away traditional heavy ropes, and bring out the Beast Battle Rope. The Beast Battle Rope is the signature product of Stroops MMA. Designed to build explosive upper and lower body strength with patented Slastix resistance training band technology, the Stroops Beast Battle Rope rope will crank your Mixed Martial Arts training routines up a few notches and help improve all aspects of your fight game.


  • (1) 20' Slastix® Beast Battle Rope

Unlike traditional (non-elastic) heavy ropes which only allow a single plane of force, the Beast Battle Rope is engineered with the incorporation of Slastix throughout the entire length to apply graduated resistance to counter the force of the athletes movements. Athletes can now attack in three separate training planes. Stroops heavy resistance Beast Battle Rope brings out the inner beast of you that is generally reserved for competition. Truly acting as a freak of nature, the Beast Battle Rope counters every movement of your body demanding muscle contractions throughout the entire body.

Resistance & difficulty increase the harder you pull. This 20-foot Snake is encased in a protective nylon sheath and stretches to 60 feet, weighs up to 15 pounds, and is available up to a full 150 pounds of resistance with each rope. Because of its large circumference, a fighters grip strength is increased every time he trains with the Beast Battle Rope. Involving the Beast Battle Rope to any level of training regimen is not only effective, fast & physically taxing it is also SAFE. In no other training movement, not even power cleans or other Olympic lifts, can you replicate the incorporation of every major muscle group simultaneously WITHOUT having to lift a single pound above your head. With resistances varying from 50 lbs to 150 lbs at a max stretch (each) individuals at all levels can train with the Beast Battle Rope.

Beyond functioning as a high-powered undulation rope, the Beast Battle Rope has multiple applications resistance training for explosive sprints, rotational movement training (which targets the core muscles), lateral movement training (which targets core stability), reverse walking (for lower-body strength), and building cardiovascular endurance. The Stroops Slastix Beast Battle Rope is the ultimate tool for total body workouts and tough resistance training, available in various sizes to best suit your body weight and training needs. Wrap your hands around one or two of these bad boys and go for a ride!

How It Works:
Attach the Slastix band to an anchor as low to the ground as possible, or have a partner hold it low to the ground in a secure position. While holding the other end of the Slastix, perform waves, circles, and a variety of other undulation rope exercises.

Note: TWO Beast Battle Ropes are needed to properly perform a rope undulation workout.
Pinching one rope in half for undulation will cause imbalances in Slastix resistance and potentially damage the rope (considered misuse and not covered under 6 month product warranty).

Stroops Anaconda

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Slastix Resistance Beast Battle Rope -- Stroops (BEAST-O)
Slastix Resistance Beast Battle Rope -- Stroops (BEAST-O)