What is the Difference Between Chain vs Belt Driven Indoor Cycles?

What is the Difference Between Chain vs Belt Driven Indoor Cycles?

The Pro's and Con's of Each

Who doesn’t love riding a bike? Whether it is on a beach cruiser taking in the views of the ocean or mountain biking through beautiful yet tough terrain, it’s a great exercise for all. But if you can’t always get outdoors year round, you can always keep up on your fitness routine with an Indoor Cycling Bike.

Not all Indoor Cycles are created the same but Schwinn Fitness is at the top of the market for producing some of the best indoor bikes out there. They try to replicate that same authentic feel as riding an outdoor bike in the comfort of your own home or gym. Schwinn has many product options for their Authentic Cycling bikes and one of the most popular questions we see when choosing an Indoor Cycle is what the difference is from riding on a chain driven system versus belt driven? We will try and answer some of those questions for you below so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Chain Drive Indoor Cycle Bike Chain Drive Indoor Cycle Bike


Chain Driven Indoor Bikes
Just like a regular outdoor bike, there are indoor cycles that use the same chain driven design. Most people that prefer a chain driven bike say it’s because of the more authentic feel and sound it gives of riding an outdoor bike on the open road. It makes for an easy transition from the road to inside. But like an outdoor bike, that chain will need regular maintenance to keep it running smooth. So it is an extra step in your daily routine as a gym owner to make sure that these bikes are maintained and functioning at 100% for their users to get the best experience riding them.

Belt Drive Indoor Cycle Bike Belt Drive Indoor Cycle Bike


Belt Driven Indoor Bikes
The belt drive bikes require a lot less maintenance then the chain. They also tend to provide a smoother and quieter ride which a lot of studios and homes prefer. But some cycling enthusiasts say that the feel is very different from an actual outdoor chain driven bike. And with constant repetitive use the belt can wear down and stretch over time which will eventually have to be replaced. Keep in mind this does require a high amount of usage to get to that point. Overall this bike is a great way to go for large gyms or users that may not always be on top of daily maintenance of their equipment.

Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus Indoor Cycle Carbon Blue Belt Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycle Carbon Blue Belt


Schwinn Indoor Cycles
Schwinn Fitness offers all their bikes with a chain driven system which has been a top seller for several years and continues to be today. They recently decided to also bring a belt driven bike to the market that created a lot of good buzz. But they didn’t just put a regular belt on their new bike, they introduced their Carbon Blue technology. It is a belt drive system that actually performs and feels like a chain bringing the best of both worlds together. It is a carbon fiber reinforced belt that has teeth like notches on it for maximum strength and durability. There is really no maintenance required on this type of belt since it never needs to be lubricated or adjusted. It is also the only belt on the market to offer a 5 year warranty. This really makes it a great choice for all gyms, indoor cycling studios and home users.

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