Sledgehammer workouts are not only steadily becoming a more popular form of exercise, but are used by elite athletes, top personal trainers, and groundbreaking strength and conditioning coaches regularly to achieve optimal conditioning, strength, and physique. In creating the Core Hammer Fitness Sledgehammer, MostFit not only recognized the amazing training benefits of sledgehammer fitness, but developed a more accessible and user friendly piece of functional exercise equipment.

MostFit Core Hammer Training and Swinging

Core Hammer training and traditional steel sledge hammer training both offer numerous benefits like:

  • High intensity athletic conditioning
  • Increased hand/eye coordination
  • Rotation strength and agility development
  • Distillate loaded weight training
  • Unilateral/asymmetrical engagement
  • Stress relief and anger management

The Core Hammer provides numerous benefits beyond that in that it is a very convenient piece of portable fitness equipment. Any fitness enthusiast or personal trainer can carry it in the trunk of their car, no bulky tractor tire needed. This makes it great for any home gym or garage gym too. The Core Hammer is made of a very durable polyurethane material, mechanically molded on to the heavy-duty fiberglass sledgehammer handle, and it can be slammed directly on to the ground. This makes the Core Hammer much more convenient than the traditional method of sledgehammer fitness training. Furthermore, the head of the Core Hammer is round, with no sharp angles, so there is no risk of the hammer deflecting in an indirect path after being slammed as is common with traditional sledgehammer swinging.

Steel Sledgehammers with Tractor and Truck Tires

The increased portability, range of exercises, and safe design of the MostFit Core Hammer sets it apart from traditional sledgehammer workouts with a tire. Now boot camp instructors can have multiple clients slamming hammers at the same time. Now personal trainers can bring a Core Hammer with them to their sessions without having to bring a tire along too. Now gyms and fitness studios can introduce a new and innovative form of group exercise to their members without the intimidation of a construction sledgehammer or giant tire. Accessibility is the future of fitness and wellness and MostFit is part of the future with the Core Hammer.

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