Training With Heavy Ropes To Strengthen and Chisel Your Body!

Training With Heavy Ropes To Strengthen and Chisel Your Body!

Heavy Rope Training Review

In today’s time we’ve seen all types of unique exercise activities hit the fitness community by storm! From tire flipping, to sledge hammer training, to doing exercise movements for time, these days one of the most popular high intensity training activities is using heavy ropes!

Heavy ropes, or “battle ropes”, as they are most interchangeably known, are now a very sought after form of exercise that entices people of all ages and fitness experience backgrounds. If you’ve grown accustomed to doing the same old routine that includes training with dumbbells and barbells and this has you falling asleep at the wheel, you may be the perfect candidate who needs to consider incorporating heavy rope training workouts into your fitness routine!

Heavy Rope Training with Body Solid Battle Ropes Heavy Rope Training with Body Solid Battle Ropes


What Are Heavy Ropes?
Heavy ropes, or battle ropes, are ropes that are heavy. Sounds elementary right? Truth be told, this exercise training aid is exactly that! It’s a very simple fitness training tool made of rope or rope like material cut to various lengths with different rope diameters that allow a user to partake in a very effective form of exercise that is considered unusual by normal everyday fitness routine standards.

Heavy ropes come in a variety of diameters from 1.5″ to 2″ being the most common and can range in lengths of 30′, 40′ and 50′ with custom lengths in between. Ropes can weigh anywhere from 17 lbs. to 55 lbs. and can be made of various materials such as braided manila fiber or polyester and can be considered raw ropes (ropes that are not covered) or fray proof and covered with all weather protective jackets that prolong the life of the rope being used as a conditioning tool.

Why Are Battle Ropes Considered an Effective Training Aid?
A straightforward fitness tool that can be used indoors or outdoors, is considered portable, stores easily when not in use and provides a huge variety of exercise potential makes the heavy rope an effective training aid worthy of being part of your training arsenal! You can seriously use a battle rope just about anywhere you want and they’re great for toning and building muscle along with offering heart pounding cardio training that can assist in your quest to increase stamina and reduce body fat!

With a laundry list of named exercises such as the Slam, Hip Toss, Alternating Waves, Power Slams, Shuffles, Weighted Jacks, Throws, Squat to Thrust, Clockwise Toss and the Counter Clockwise Toss, the variation of movements you can do with heavy ropes is astonishing and this is just the short list. In general, battling ropes will skyrocket your cardio output and work your entire body’s cardiovascular and muscular system! Once you take grip of the ropes and start moving, the undulating activity creates pure nonstop body engagement and production until you cry “UNCLE”!

Heavy Rope Wall Hanger Heavy Rope Wall Hanger


What Do I Need to Get Started With Heavy Rope Training?
Getting started with rope training is an easy thing to do that won’t break the bank! All you need to get moving is one heavy rope long enough to be wrapped around an anchor point. The anchor point can be a natural anchor such as a tree stump or a purchased wall plate heavy rope anchor coupled with an anti-friction sleeve designed to hold the rope in place and minimize wear. Install a wall plate, slide on the protective sleeve to the center of the heavy rope, align the rope so that the wall plate anchor is splitting the rope into two equal halves and you’ve created a designated heavy rope training area all done at a nominal price! When you’re done training you can hang up your rope and move it out of the way with a handy rope wall hanger!

Crunched for time and have two people that need to get an effective workout? Purchase two ropes and partner train where one person is holding the ropes steady and acting as the anchor while the training partner on the other end performs the rope exercise motion undulating the ropes up and down and side to side. Do this for time and then switch off and you have two people effectively and efficiently training for results!

No matter who you are or where you are, heavy rope training is ideal for residential, studio, commercial and military settings. Easy to find, easy to purchase, easy to learn and quick to see results is what battle rope training is all about. From single user, partner use, made for indoor or outdoor training, battle roping is a cost effective activity everyone and every facility type should consider!

Red Fitness Rope for Heavy Rope Training Red Fitness Rope for Heavy Rope Training


What Are Some of the Most Popular Training Ropes Available?
Heavy ropes come in all shapes and sizes and the market is flooded with options. However, only the best products will stand the test of time to the use and abuse that heavy rope conditioning creates on the training aid in use. If you’re going to incorporate battle rope movements into your health and fitness routines you want to make sure you buy a quality product!

Body Solid, Jammar, Spri, Stroops Slastix and Valor are some of the most reputable names and manufacturers of heavy rope conditional products on the market today. Not only have these names been associated with quality when it comes to health and fitness exercise equipment, each manufacturer designs heavy rope products that suit all price points in the market from entry level, middle of the road to custom made items design to spec for that client who has to have exactly what they want!

Users can find ropes designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use, ropes that have heavy jacket covers for all weather training and product longevity, ropes that have metal ends for better grip, to heavy conditioning ropes that offer assorted end caps such as poly boot covers designed to eliminate fraying at ends. There are even manufacturers that design fray proof ropes that are top of the line and some that incorporate awesome snap back technology that are elastic and stretch out as the user is waving them up and down causing the elastic rope to “fight back” and create resistance that alternatively offers multi-plane movement training!

Stroops Slastix elastic battle ropes Stroops Slastix elastic battle ropes


Where Can I Find a Large Assortment of Heavy Ropes to Purchase?
If you’re a garage gym exercise aficionado, own or manage a personal training studio, direct a commercial facility or MMA and Boxing club and want to incorporate battle rope conditioning into your fitness programs, you need to head over to IRON COMPANY®!

With the popularity of heavy rope training growing amongst the entire fitness community you can get a grasp on your fitness conditioning by adding a simple training aid to your bag of tricks and there’s no better place to source product than IRON COMPANY! We’ve done all the leg work for you to bring top quality manufacturers who provide the best in heavy ropes and accessories! IRON COMPANY even distributes conditioning ropes designed and manufactured in the U.S. that are perfect for the patriotic civilian purchaser or the GSA and government buyer!

Get a handle on your training efforts and make waves with your strength and endurance pursuits. Contact an IRON COMPANY GSA & Commercial Fitness Equipment Sales Specialist at 888-758-7527 or email and let’s get you whipped into shape with a custom quote for the heavy rope training tools and accessories you need today!