What Was Old Is New Again: The Resurgence of Powerlifting

What Was Old Is New Again: The Resurgence of Powerlifting

You may have seen them. And they may have struck fear and awe in your heart. At least they did throughout history when the world's strongest men wowed audiences at carnivals and circuses with feats of tremendous strength.

How did these fitness giants accomplish these individual human heroics, seemingly defying the laws of gravity by hoisting numeric poundage reaching into the stratosphere? These mighty men - these big-mustached titans of a black-and-white world - used a form of powerlifting. What is raw powerlifting?

Although these often misshapen and sometimes big-bellied early weightlifting pioneers may have been onto something really big (pun intended), powerlifting as a form of fitness never fully reached its zenith - at least until recently.

Done correctly, with proper form and with the right equipment, powerlifting is rising to new heights in the fitness community as exercise enthusiasts and gym goers discover its powerful benefits to bring big training gains that cross so many boundaries into other sports and activities.

We at Ironcompany are taking this new wave of interest in the benefits of powerlifting by offering precision-styled equipment tailored for the 21st century in order to reap big results.

Powerlifting Is In the House

Powerlifting by definition has little to do with physical looks. Unlike its close relative, bodybuilding, powerlifting seeks to gain raw strength primarily through the big three: the barbell back squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

Besides gaining raw strength (being able to bench press more than twice your body weight, for example), those who are drawn to the mystique of this exercise regimen (and sport) are discovering new and exciting aspects about themselves. Powerlifting is about reaching human potential, and then surpassing it. And that's the attraction.

"To be a powerlifter means being dedicated to a goal: Find out how strong you can get, and then get stronger than that," Sean Collins told Men's Fitness. Collins is a certified USA Powerlifting Club Coach and owner/coach at Murder of Crows Barbell Club in Brooklyn, New York.

Much in the same way as marathon runners or Ironman triathletes, powerlifters take themselves to the edge of their physical capacity - and then go further.

"There's so much to learn: bracing, rooting, breathing, optimal foot position, bar position, eye gaze, head position, activation," Collins said. "It's rewarding to go through the journey of getting strong because you learn so much about your body, and so much about yourself."

Grabbing Iron

We at Ironcompany have a powerful understanding and appreciation for the growing sport of powerlifting. In fact, we are among its adherents ourselves.

Our strength training equipment provides the precision, the resistance, the durability and the function to add extreme power to your routine. Top weightlifters, world-class athletes, CrossFitters and first responders use our equipment to build muscles, increase strength, enhance performance and prevent injury.

Our weightlifting platforms encompass the entire spectrum of building the human machine with power cages, power racks, rubber bumper plates and a hub of heavy movers for squats, bench presses, shoulder presses and deadlifts.

Powerlifting and strength training equipment for men and women

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