Not All Cardio Training Is Created Equal

Not All Cardio Training Is Created Equal

Getting Ripped with High-Intensity Interval Training Cardio Workouts

If you’re an exercise buff, you know how important cardio training is. It’s the foundation of any fitness regimen. So why is cardio effective? Because it elevates the heart rate and thereby strengthens the heart and lungs. But many gym goers and fitness enthusiasts are discovering that internal training cardio workouts may accomplish that goal, but in far less time and with far better results.

High-intensity interval training (HITT) involves alternating short, intense bursts of activity with periods of rest or easier activities. Runners trying to increase their speed have typically used interval training, which may consist of 1-minute sprints and 2 minutes walks, and repeating that cycle five times for a 15-minute total.
Here is why HIIT produces big results.


For those on a busy schedule, HIITs fit in nicely; intense workouts can last 10 to 15 minutes and researchers say 10 minutes of interval training produces the same results as 30 minutes on a treadmill. Studies show that two weeks of regular interval training matches the aerobic benefits of 6-8 weeks of endurance exercise.

No Fat

HIIT does a major hit on fat. The intensity of interval training cranks up your metabolism for 24 hours after a workout. So you’re burning your fat for the rest of the day.

Strong Heart

Interval training definitely isn’t easy; in fact, it’s rather challenging. HITT takes you into the anaerobic zone - where you can hardly breathe and your heart is thumping madly. But results are phenomenal. Studies show that just eight weeks of HIIT often doubles performance ability in some activities.

No Gym Time

HITT doesn’t necessarily require equipment or going to the gym. Interval training can be done with running, bicycling, jump roping, climbing stairs or any type of similar activity that requires heavy physical exertions.

Keep the Muscles

Trying to lose weight by boosting your exercise routine sometimes means sacrificing muscle mass. Not with interval training. HITT targets the fat and builds the muscles.

Go It Alone

HITT goes anywhere, anytime. Almost. Since interval training is short, it’s easy to fit it into a busy schedule. And since it can be used with most activities, you can do it nearly anywhere. Our 3-in1 Plyo Box Wooden Cube makes for powerful interval training cardio workouts.

It’s Serious

Interval training cardio workouts aren’t for the faint of heart. Literally. It’s a tough workout. You’re hitting your max and maintaining that level for short periods. Tough yes. Boring, not so much.

Taking the Iron

The Ironcompany carries a wide line of cardio and resistance training equipment that will put you on the fast track to peak conditioning, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, ergometers, rowing machines and stairclimbers . Our home cardio and club cardio equipment covers any budget and any level of fitness.

High intensity cardio training for fat burning

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