Cardio Training by Marty Gallagher

Welcome to the abode of unparalleled insights — the RAW Cardio Training by Marty Gallagher column at IRON COMPANY®, your seasoned ally in forging athletic excellence since 1997. Are you on a quest to sculpt a leaner physique, elevate your strength, or unlock the superior muscle gains that have been just out of reach? Your search culminates here. Immerse yourself in the world of Marty Gallagher, the IPF world champion and distinguished coach to iconic powerlifters, as he shares tactical advice drawn from a rich 60-year career landscape. Elevate your cardio regimen with strategies endorsed by world champions and Tier 1 spec ops fighters. Leveraging the transformative potential of an aligned cardio and nutrition blueprint, these weekly articles are your road map to a refined, powerful, and resilient self. Dive in to harvest the rewards of an athletic mindset cultivated through proven methods, only at IRON COMPANY. © 2017-2023 IRON COMPANY