Functional Trainers Boost Muscle Strength & Exercise Variety!

Functional Trainers Boost Muscle Strength & Exercise Variety!

The Benefits of Using a Functional Training Machine

In today’s fast paced life and work environment, it is common place to be so busy using technology and gadgets designed to make our lives easier that we quickly become one with the desk… literally.

As our society moves towards convenience, it is quite the norm for most people to spend countless hours tapping away at a laptop, phone or smart gadget to help complete the tasks necessary to earn a paycheck. Some of us spend 40, 50 and even 60 plus hours a week in seated, crouched and contorted positions. As a consequence, our bodies begin to falter and show signs of decline. Our cores weaken, our muscles stiffen, our necks and backs strain and our joints begin to dry up. All of a sudden that safe office job doesn’t seem so safe!

What’s the remedy you ask? Functional strength training and functional trainer machines!

What is functional strength training and how can it work for me?

Functional strength training is simply exercising your body in a manner that helps you to meet the requirements of daily life and athletic function. As this training movement started in medical rehab settings and then quickly moved to athletic and sport rehab settings, the benefits that come with training the body to meet the demands of everyday movement has catapulted into homes and athletic clubs the world over.

Incorporating functional strength training into your daily workout regimen involves activities and movements that engage multiple muscles (or muscle groups) of the body and taking these muscles through different planes of motion similar to that of every day movement. So while sitting at your desk all day might be making you tons of money, it’s really limiting your body’s movement similar to how a single use machine (say a selectorized shoulder press machine) is causing you to do a repeated motion through one defined plane… over and over again. For both cases, very boring and simply not allowing your body to benefit from multi-plane movement!

While you’re pressed for time these days, making every minute count in your daily exercise regiment is critical. Using functional strength training movements that allow you to get a total body workout, increase strength, stand up, balance, engage your core, move your body through a full range of motion, increase mind body awareness and raise motor skills function is what gets the job done fast so you can get back to living! In short, train your body how your body moves, in life and on the field! Adding functional training exercises to your life can enhance your well being in quick time and the benefits of this will be felt by the average Joe, weekend warrior or athlete!



What are functional trainers and how do they provide exercise variety?

Functional trainers are no longer a craze and have become a staple in home gyms and health clubs. These space saving machines are adorned with cables, pulleys, handles and weight stacks and are designed to give you total body workouts that allow you to switch from upper to lower body exercises in seconds!

These cable machines introduce a user to movement patterns in multiple planes to allow recruitment of every major muscle group on the body. Since functional trainers incorporate the use of handles attached to cables, the user is allowed to determine their own path of motion which allows for micro adjustments through a full range of movement. Constant tension is also in play which maximizes time and muscle fatigue.

The amount of exercises you can perform using a functional trainer is amazing! These compact cable machines provide exercise variety that is unheard of with single movement equipment or machines (i.e. flat bench press, seated chest press machine, seated bicep curl machine) and having the ability to place such a multifunctional piece of equipment in a room in your home or a section of your health club maximizes the use of the space it requires on its own merit! Throw in optional accessories such as cable attachments, stability balls and multi-angle benches and the number of exercises you can perform jumps off the charts!

Select exercises for every major muscle group on your body with easy set up! Line up the pulleys to start a chest press movement, then adjust the pulley heights to the bottom and perform a bicep curl, adjust the pulleys to a mid position on the pulley column and start a mid row exercise to engage the back! Easy as 1, 2, 3! Raise one pulley up high on the cable column and practice the starting movement of your golf swing or perform a single arm tricep press down! It’s easy and simple to move freely with a functional trainer. Best of all, a functional training machine allows a user to stay away from mental fatigue which often leads to over-training and boredom of doing the same thing over and over again!

Where can I find information on functional trainers to consider for my home or club?

If it’s time to push away from the desk and get back into life with movement or if you’re a club owner looking to increase profit in a small space, it's paramount that you consider purchasing a functional trainer to help you reach your goals! With so much power packed into a small space saving punch, adding a piece of equipment that can breath life back into your body, home or club is a smart investment!



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