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Amanda Burrill

I'm Amanda Burrill and an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury changed the trajectory of my life, leading to significant neurological issues I deal with to this day.

Amanda Burrill Runners World Magazine

My passion for fitness saved my Naval career. Because I didn't understand why my eyes were unable to focus to read properly, I pivoted towards my athleticism and became a rescue swimmer. I turned to running marathons and triathlons, and becoming an Ironman. Strength training helped me cope with frustrating symptoms, and I became a fitness model, appearing in ads and on magazine covers.

Amanda Burrill Mountain Climbing

Training reinforced the discipline principles I'd taken from the military; principles I had to call upon after an accident which (at last) landed me in a lengthy brain rehabilitation program. When given neurological and musculoskeletal limitations, I found a way around, becoming a mountaineer and adventurer.

I've overcome the odds and prognosis for recovery with a healthy lifestyle and fitness, and will soon embark on an expedition to climb my fourth of the world's seven summits. I believe there is always a way to "yes." I am a journalist, Travel Channel host, health advocate and more, but most importantly, I am Forged Passion.