Zach Even-Esh

During my high school years I LIVED in the gym. I joined the wrestling team so everything I did  revolved around getting stronger and tougher. I would do my homework at the juice bar and the front desk manager understood that I just needed to be among the weights. 

I just LOVED hearing those deep dish plates rumbling and slamming to the ground. It actually calmed me down and gave me peace of mind as I struggled with depression through high school.

My love for training led me to compete in Bodybuilding during my teen years. My passion for wrestling led me to compete in BJJ during my mid 20s until I tore my ACL. 

Zach Even-Esh

My ACL injury sent me into a roller coaster of obsession to find out how the best athletes in the world trained. I took that information and began training athletes from my parents garage and backyard, then my first home garage and in 2007, I opened my first location of The Underground Strength Gym. 

Zach Even-Esh

I often say that Training not only GAVE me a life but it quite possible SAVED my life. Never did  anyone guess that I'd be the kid who grew up to start a gym that inspired thousands of coaches around the world, coaching at D1 Universities and training some of the world's top Tier 1 Military Operators.

Because of how the Iron has transformed my life, I feel that I have been put on this earth to  help others Forge Strength both in the gym and in Life. I am Forged Passion!