Best Kettlebell Exercises

Best Kettlebell Exercises

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Kettlebell workouts are part of most fitness regimens for obvious reasons. They target various muscles and are useful for building lean muscles and strength. With the right cardio equipment and exercises, you will achieve many of your fitness goals using kettlebells alone. IRON COMPANY provides premium quality kettlebells for sale to gym equipment buyers and businesses looking for reliable products.

What are Kettlebells?

A kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle used to perform various workouts. It was introduced in Russia in the 18thcentury as a means to weigh crops. Farmers noticed other benefits, including top physical conditions, and at the turn of the 20th century, Russian weightlifters began incorporating kettlebell workouts to train for competitions. The Soviet Union later adopted these workouts, and kettlebells have since become well-loved gym equipment across the globe. They are also frequently used in weightlifting tournaments.

Best Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell free-weights are available for various workouts, ranging from high-intensity interval training to low-rep heavyweight slogs.  There are many kettlebell exercises for beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainers. The best include:

1. Kettlebell Squat & Press or Thruster

The kettlebell squat and press is one of the best choices when looking to shed some pounds. The exercise targets almost every muscle and increases heart rate quickly, ideal for morning workouts. Kettlebell squats are fundamental exercises if you are looking to retain posture and improve movement. Squats are also among the first steps you develop as a toddler.

Standing up, sitting down, and getting into a car all involve squats. Incorporating more kettlebell squats increases blood flow in the body while lubricating joints. The squats also open up your lower back, relieving tension and back pain. Start with the kettlebell goblet squat, then progress to the two-handed squat & press and one-handed thruster.

2. Cross-Body Kettlebell Clean

Advanced trainers seeking explosive kettlebell workouts will find the cross-body clean perfect for movement and coordination. The exercise works out your whole body, building strength and endurance. You’ll also activate your obliques as you turn and twist with each movement. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with the simple clean and press.

The difficulty of cross-body kettlebell clean is in the explosive turns, so it is vital to perform each move in perfect formation for maximum effect. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and place the kettlebell between them. Next, pivot on one hand and reach the kettlebell, lift it to shoulder height, then press your arm overhead before returning to the starting position.

3. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is ideal when focusing on your back muscles. However, it also targets various groups of muscles and is a fundamental part of weight-loss programs. Although it may seem too technical of a move for beginners, the kettlebell swing is relatively easy to achieve. The key is to maintain the full range of motion when you hinge at the hips, bringing the kettlebell between your legs, and then straighten your torso and arms, bringing the kettlebell out in front of you.

Swings are perfect for working out your upper and lower back, buttocks, and hamstring. The exercise doesn't involve deep knee bends, so it is ideal when recovering from a bad knee. You can also add kettlebell swings to your cardiovascular training. The recommended progression starts with two-handed swings, then one-handed swings, alternating swings, and anchored swings.

4. Snatch to Forward Lunge

If you have mastered the kettlebell swing and high pull-up, the next step is to begin snatches, which are arguably one of the best kettlebell workouts. Beginners should start with kettlebell clean and snatch, which doesn't involve moving your feet, so you can work with a small space. However, adding lunges activates more muscles, so progression is essential.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the kettlebell in one hand. Next, swing it between your legs while thrusting your hips forward. The kettlebell should reach chest height and slide over your hand to your wrist as it makes its way overhead. Lastly, lunge forward with one leg so the other knee is just above the ground and then stand up back to the starting position.

5. Single-Leg Deadlift

We recommend the single-leg deadlift for advanced trainers. As one of the best kettlebell deadlift variations, the workout focuses on balance and core strengthening. You start standing on your right (or left) leg with a slightly bent knee and holding the kettlebell with the opposite hand.

Next, lean forward, keeping a straight back until you are parallel to the floor. Make sure you lower the kettlebell and raise your other leg behind you. Once you are comfortable with the exercise, explore more challenging variations, such as the single-leg deadlift to row to clean.

Other Kettlebell Workouts

There are several kettlebell workouts for trainers and trainees at all levels. Beginner exercises include the sumo squat, single-arm row, kettlebell windmill, kettlebell reverse lunge, and figure eight. Intermediates have the single-arm swing, kettlebell squeeze, goblet squat, and Russian twist. Others include the single-arm floor press, incline flye, Turkish get-up, thruster, and plank drag exercises.

If you are an advanced trainer, the reverse lunge, farmer's walk, single-arm overhead press, and angled press offer a considerable challenge to push you to the next level. Others include single-arm overhead squat, lateral lunge to clean, and staggered stance clean with squat and press.


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