Kettlebell Buying Guide: What Kettlebell Is Right For You?

Kettlebell Buying Guide: What Kettlebell Is Right For You?

Our kettlebell buying guide is meant to educate you on the various types of kettlebells so that you can be well informed of what kettlebells best fit your budget and fitness goals when it comes time to make a purchase. Kettlebells are relatively inexpensive and compact, they look innocent enough but offer a power packed way to exercise the entire body. From the time you pick them up to the time you put them down they are engaging planes and muscle all over your body. Kettlebells are an awesome training tool that are so simple, yet these balls of iron are an effective way build strength, increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance, burn fat and they’re taking over training rooms by storm in all corners of the fitness world.


IRON COMPANY Powder Coated Kettlebells IRON COMPANY Powder Coated Kettlebells


What exactly is a kettlebell? What types are available for purchase and where can you get them? Good questions anyone in the market for a kettlebell set should have answered and this quick kettlebell guide will help you make the right choice so you can start swinging to fitness soon!

What are Kettlebells?
Imagine an iron ball with a looping handle placed on top. Sounds simple right? It is! Kettlebells are simply cast iron balls with a handle on top used for various methods of exercise and fitness training. They date as far back as the 1700’s and originated in Russia when they were used as a tool for weighing harvest and agriculture output.

From their early use as a farming tool they quickly became a strength building tool and were incorporated into Russian military fitness regimens. The rest is history as kettlebells have remained popular for use in strength and endurance training by exercise enthusiasts around the world!

By design, these handled balls of iron are uniquely shaped and naturally cause the users body to be used as a balance throughout a full range of motion. This allows for a total body workout that can be designed from simple movements that relate to the way people move in everyday life situations.

Popular kettlebell exercises that new or experienced users can perform are numerous! Who would have thought that a cast-iron ball with a handle on it could be so versatile? Traditional movements such as the Swing, Clean, Jerk, Row or Dead Lift can be performed and individuals with more training and coordination can attempt advanced movements such as the Russian Twist, Windmill or the Turkish Get-up. Don’t let this little ball of iron fool you, they pack a punch of exercise variety and with a little imagination anyone can create a new kettlebell workout that can improve mobility!


Kettlebell Exercises Kettlebell Exercises


What types of kettlebells are available for training?
Once only used by advanced athletes, the kettlebell is now used by people young and old, from all walks of life, from beginner to expert. All branches of the military, colleges and universities, commercial gyms, personal training studios, group fitness programs and individual weekend warriors are just a short list of user locations and user populations incorporating kettlebell training.

This has opened the market to a variety of kettlebell designs manufactured to cover major market segments. Manufacturers such as IRON COMPANY, Ader Fitness, Body Solid, Kamparts, Cap Barbell, Rage, Ironskull and Powerblock now create these magnificent exercise tools to bring strength and endurance training convenience to everyone!

Kettlebells can be found in pounds, kilograms or both as seen with IRON COMPANY premium powder coated kettlebells. Weight ranges can vary with the most popular weight increments from 5 to 200 lbs or 4 to 92 kg. From the traditional basic cast iron kettlebell, to the Skullbell designed with attitude, there is no shortage of types available to help anyone reach their training goals!

IRON COMPANY Cast Iron Kettlebells with Powder Coat Finish IRON COMPANY Cast Iron Kettlebells with Powder Coat Finish


Cast Iron: If you’re looking for basic, you can stick to the cast iron kettlebell. No thrills here, but they do the trick, come in basic black or gray cast iron, some can have color coded markings like the IRON COMPANY kettlebells designed to help designate a particular weight. Cast iron kettlebells are a very popular choice around the world amongst home, studio, commercial and government based facilities!

Urethane Coated Kettlebell by IRON COMPANY Urethane Coated Kettlebell by IRON COMPANY


Coated Kettlebells: If you’re in need of something to help protect your floor, equipment or surroundings then you should consider coated kettlebells! From a basic black coat to colorful bright additions of flair, these are cast iron kettlebells that are coated with polyurethane, rubber, vinyl or neoprene. Not only have they been designed to add a protective layer to the outside to prevent scuffs on floors, walls and the users surrounding exercise environment, some of them look downright awesome! They bring a colorful addition to any room and offer a better way to distinguish different weight increments amongst users. GSA purchasers often scoop up GSA Scheduled Black Urethane Coated Kettlebells from IRON COMPANY because they stand the test of time with a protective coating designed to hold up to the rigors of military training demands! If they’re good enough for all branches of the military that has to speak volumes!


Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell


Adjustable Kettlebells: Perhaps you need a kettlebell designed to save you space. Instead of purchasing an entire set of kettlebells of various weight increments you might consider a space saving kettlebell such as a Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell or the Versa-Bell by Stamina! Adjustable kettlebells are the perfect addition to any home user that wants to incorporate kettlebell training benefits but is short on space or money for an entire set! These units allow the user to create the bell weight of choice. Handles here come with cores that allow for additions of weight plates, pin select weight increments or a turn dial system that adjusts the weight for a dial and go quick change. The sure bet here is that there is an adjustable kettlebell that would work well in any home setting!


Color Coded Competition Kettlebells Color Coded Competition Kettlebells


Competition Kettlebells: This is where things get a little serious! Competitive sanctions around the world require that kettlebells be a certain size to be used in competitions regardless of the weight increment. All competition kettlebells will have handles that are the same shape and size and the entire bell itself is exactly the same from 8 kg to 48 kg (depending on the competition set). The kettlebells in this case will be the same in dimension with only a difference in weight and a color. This uniformity allows competitors to perform lifts with units that are precise in size and measure. Make sure to check out the IRON COMPANY urethane competition kettlebells that offer an impact resistant urethane coating and smooth hard-chrome handles for added comfort during high rep workouts and extended wear.

2-Tier kettlebell rack by TKO 2-Tier kettlebell rack by TKO


Kettlebell racks come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular type of rack is a two tier or three tier rack. Manufacturers such as Legend Fitness make short or long two tier racks that can be custom made to order with your frame color of choice made in the USA! TKO, Tuff Stuff, Muscle D Fitness, Body Solid and Aeromats make terrific two to three tier racks that really give some great shelf space to store up those kettlebell packages! If you need something more functional to house your kettlebells you can consider a custom made kettlebell rack with weight plate holders by Legend Fitness. Get your bells off the floor and on a rack of choice!


Leather Hand Grips for Kettlebell Training Leather Hand Grips for Kettlebell Training


Accessories for the kettlebell training enthusiasts are never out of reach! For the serious lifter, wrist guards make the perfect training tool! Guards allow the user to stay clear of bashing and bruising in the forearm area during swinging movements. There are even wrist savers made out of neoprene that you can use as a training aid. Easy to put on wrist savers help to minimize over training ailments such as small cuts or scrapes. Leather hand grips and gym chalk are also “handy” accessories to keep in your training arsenal! Find the right kettlebell training accessories and never have an excuse not to start your swinging!

Where can I buy kettlebells?
With so many choices on the market these days it’s terrific when a trusted source does the leg work at compiling the right assortment of product to choose from. Why would anybody want to scour the internet over thousands of websites to learn about and choose the perfect kettlebell or package when you can do both, learn and shop, at one place online?

At IRON COMPANY® we’ve eliminated the hassle of education and assortment and have curated a phenomenal selection of kettlebells to accommodate even the most selective buyer. From kettlebell packages to single units, racks to accessories, IRON COMPANY is a one stop shopping source for weekend warriors, garage gyms aficionados, training studios or commercial and government facilities.

Get your kettlebell swings and cleans in motion today! Contact an IRON COMPANY GSA and Commercial Fitness Equipment Sales Professional at 888-758-7527 or send an email to to get informed on the right kettlebell type or package perfect for you or your facility!