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Powder Coated Kettlebell Uses And Advantages - Kettlebell Guide

Powder Coated Kettlebell Information and Benefits

Kettlebells are a powerful fitness tool. They can be used to increase absolute and explosive strength, maximize sustained strength and to improve cardio conditioning. But with the dozens of kettlebell choices available to the consumer, which kettlebell type is best? One kettlebell in particular has evolved into the go-to workhorse kettlebell of choice for CrossFit boxes, garage gyms and more. The powder coated kettlebell!

Why the powder coated kettlebell?

Today we are bombarded with a huge selection of kettlebells. Some have coatings that include rubber, urethane, neoprene or vinyl. Handles can be painted, chromed, made of plastic and even available in different "ergonomic" shapes. The powder coated kettlebell tends to hit the sweet spot with kettlebell enthusiast in regards to pricing, functionality and durability and can be categorized on the kettlebell food chain directly above the painted kettlebell.

The powder coated kettlebell finish is unlike that of a painted kettlebell. First the cast iron core is electrostatically charged which then attracts a free-flowing, dry powder shot from an application gun. The bell is then placed in a heated oven where it cures and hardens and takes on its final color and texture. The end result is a protective hard coating tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating resists chipping and therefore will resist rust and corrosion better than paint. The most common texture used on a powder coated kettlebell handle is a matte finish that helps increase the grip for heavier kettlebell workouts and in some cases can also aid in holding chalk.

IRON COMPANY Powder Coated Kettlebells with Color Coded Handles IRON COMPANY Powder Coated Kettlebells with Color Coded Handles


Additional benefits of the powder coated kettlebell.

Besides the coating itself, kettlebell aficionados find other benefits that make the powder coated kettlebell their bell of choice. Color coded handle horns are useful in quickly identifying the weight of a bell even from far distances. Typically these colors are the same colors used for competition kettlebells. For example, a 12 kg. bell would have blue bands while a 28 kg. would have orange. Perhaps the biggest motivating factor is the price. You'll pay a little more for powder coat compared to paint but a lot less compared to rubber or urethane. For those that have it in the budget, the powder coated kettlebell is definitely worth the upgrade compared to paint.

So, if you're looking for a reasonably inexpensive training tool for increasing absolute and explosive strength, maximizing sustained strength and improving cardio conditioning, buy Premium Powder Coated Kettlebells.

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