The SECRET to Streamlining the GSA Purchasing Process for gym equipment and rubber flooring

The SECRET to Streamlining the GSA Purchasing Process for Fitness Products

The clock is ticking and it’s almost time for GSA season. This is the federal government’s fiscal year end of September 30. During the 60 days leading up to this date, there is normally a massive spending spree. It’s a well-known fact that appropriations and budgets might be slashed under the “use it or lose it” process for excess funding that remains after September 30th.

GSA season is embraced by most government organizations. Products and supplies that have been needed and wanted are finally purchased. But for the men and women who actually make the purchases, GSA season signifies longer hours and working weekends. No vacation time and pressure to perform an extraordinary amount of work against a deadline. And no matter what, finish by 11:59 PM on Sept 30th.

Ironcompany® is a long-time GSA contract holder supplying an almost limitless selection of fitness products. Ironcompany brings “added value” to the purchasing process with regard to experience, expertise, logistics and product consolidation. Additionally, Ironcompany is diligent and accurate with our extensive GSA catalog (approximately 100 pages). The GSA Report card has an A+ rating for Ironcompany.

Observation on the 4 Ps of Purchasing Personnel

During crunch time, buyers want to be as efficient and quick as possible. They’re tasked with multiple page lists of products to purchase. Often they know very little about the items, and this is especially true in the fitness arena. Typically, they enter the information into and search through endless products and manufacturers.

Through the years, Ironcompany has noticed that buyers fall into one of the “4 Ps” of purchasing personnel:

  • Procurement specialist: This is one highly skilled buyer who monitors the bottom line constantly. The biggest concern is obtaining the correct equipment for the application as their expertise often doesn’t extend into the fitness products.
  • Passionate user: This individual is passionate about fitness and knows fitness inside out. Often the line gets blurred between high quality and staying within budget.
  • Positional buyer: This buyer was in the wrong place at the wrong time or was just outranked. Either way, he or she was selected to make it happen.
  • Persistent shopper: This buyer has some fitness knowledge but requires a lot of time for proper investigation and due diligence. Long lag times tend to be the MO.


Ironcompany has been a GSA contract holder since 2001. We understand that we work “with buyers” and we work “for buyers.” Whether you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, you require confidence in the product that you’re purchasing. In addition, as much as the product, you want confidence in the vendor. At Ironcompany, we work with approximately 150 manufacturers and have an almost limitless supply of fitness products.

And with experience, Ironcompany has developed knowledge and proficiency. Not only in the products but in how the purchasing process works and what is important. During GSA season, we have extended hours, work weekends and make our cell phones readily accessible.


Military personnel stationed in the Pacific, Europe, South America and Middle East depend on Ironcompany to respond quickly when needed. We never “go dark and off the grid” at Ironcompany. At critical times, we are always within reach. In the past, Ironcompany has received numerous calls after 11:00 PM on Sept 30 that started with “Thank goodness you’re open!”


In a sense, expertise and experience develop together. Being a seasoned GSA provider enables Ironcompany to bring more value and trust to your purchasing experience. We aren’t afraid to educate buyers and tell them “no” when it’s the right thing to do. Being honest and conducting business with integrity is more important than just a sale.


Logistics is more than just transportation. Transportation is simply moving something from point A to point B. Ironcompany has endless logistic solutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s domestic, international, distribution depots (New Cumberland, Tracy, Norfolk and Linden) or freight-forwarding solutions for global destinations.


Whatever the transportation need, Ironcompany can make the logistics happen. Deadlines are no problem.


No longer view long list of fitness products to purchase with an apprehensive look. It is much more efficient, quicker and cost effective to go with one source that is a one-stop-shop supplier. Instead of having to monitor multiple vendors and shippers, does one phone call to Ironcompany sound inviting? Turn a two-day task into a two-hour job! Ironcompany possesses one of the broadest reaches in the fitness marketplace. And sometimes, even beyond the fitness landscape. Throughout several GSA seasons, Ironcompany has supplied TVs, massaging recliners, stereo systems, first aid kits, vacuum cleaners and overhead projector bulb replacements...just to mention a view of the many requests.


So with the clock ticking and the deadline approaching, bypass the stress and extended time required by choosing a “value added” vendor, such as Ironcompany.
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For GSA purchase assistance, GSA quote requests, or RFQ solicitation questions contact John Sisk at 888-758-7527 Ext. 720 or by email

All qualifying fitness equipment products can be found on the GSA Advantage website.

About the Author

John Sisk is a former US Marine and is passionate about helping others achieve success in the arena of fitness. As a fitness industry veteran of over 40-years, John has the experience, product knowledge, and perspective that are second to none. John was founder and president of Legend Fitness for 29 years before teaming up with IRON COMPANY in 2006. With over 147 manufacturing partners, John has the right tools, experience, and expertise to ensure you get the best products for your fitness application, whether it is for military, commercial, or personal use. This is more than a job; it is a lifetime commitment to helping people. When not at IRON COMPANY, John can be found leading a Bible Study in the inner city or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Contact John here.