Best Sanitizing Wipes For Gyms, Schools, Military, Police, Fire, Home and Business

Best Sanitizing Wipes For Gyms, Schools, Military, Police, Fire, Home and Business

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Beginning in 2020, sanitizing wipes became an essential part of our daily lives thanks to the introduction of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). The United States has not experienced a pandemic since the Influenza pandemic, or “Spanish Flu”, of 1918. So for most of us, unless you’re over 100 years old, this is all new and very unfamiliar territory. But, as humans, fortunately we can adapt quickly when needed. We’re all now experts in social distancing. We’ve got facemasks in all different colors, designs, materials, sizes and shapes. We’re all washing our hands more than ever before. And whether we like it or not, cleaning supplies such as sanitizing wipes canisters and rolls are here to stay for the foreseeable future. But, what are the best sanitizing wipes to use in gyms, school weight rooms, military gyms and fitness centers, police and fire, home gyms and businesses such as retail, hotel, supermarket and food service?

Hand sanitizing wipes are an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing and disinfecting campaign to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, SARS and other viruses, bacteria and germs known to cause illness. Thanks to wipes dispensers, these days it’s usually not too hard to locate wipes at the gym, in the locker room, in a classroom at your school, in a grocery store or a bank or even in restaurants. Wall mounted dispensers and free standing floor dispensers make it possible to find hand sanitizer wipes just about anywhere. There are even small canisters of sanitizing wipes you can purchase that fit perfectly into a car cup holder and are small enough to fit in your gym bag, backpack or purse so you always have backup no matter where you go.

There is a lot of discussion and questions about what are the best sanitizer wipes to use. Should you buy disinfecting wipes with alcohol or sanitizing wipes that are alcohol free? There are benefits to both types. Perhaps one of the most popular reasons people choose to buy sanitizing wipes over disinfecting wipes is that that they don’t contain alcohol are easier on the hands and skin. And if you’re cleaning your hands multiple times throughout the day, this is something that will more than likely be an important consideration.


Sanitizing Wipes Canisters For Car Cup Holder Sanitizing Wipes Canisters For Car Cup Holder



But, do sanitizing wipes kill the Coronavirus? According to a study from Brigham Young University recently published in The Journal Of Hospital Infection, yes, sanitizing wipes not only kill Coronavirus (COVID-19) but their active ingredient, Benzalkonium chloride, is just as effective at disinfecting surfaces from the COVID-19 virus as alcohol-based products. You can read the BYU hand sanitizer research article HERE.

As almost all of us have experienced, the biggest obstacle to buying wipes lately has been finding wipes in stock. Similar to the great toilet paper debacle of 2020, it seems no matter where we shopped, online or locally, pre-moistened wipes were few and far between. OUT OF STOCK was the common theme on most websites. The reason for this is that all the wipes manufacturers were suddenly faced with such unprecedented and urgent demand that they could have never predicted. There simply wasn’t enough wipes material available or the ability to manufacture fast enough for anyone to keep up with the demand. For a time, the wipes industry was paralyzed!

Now that the wipes industry has had a minute to catch its breath and somewhat get caught up, we are beginning to see cleaning wipes available online and back on store shelves. Who knew in 2019 that in the not so distant future there would be a day when we praised the availability and resurgence of sanitizing wipes and toilet paper? Live and learn! So now that wipes are back in stock, let’s review some of the best characteristics and things to consider when purchasing high quality wipes.

Wipes Reviews:

Take a minute when shopping for sanitizing wipes and look at some of the reviews on the various sites. Some of the biggest gripes about wipes is that they are too small, they tear easily when you use them and they are too dry and lack enough moisture to properly and effectively clean hands and surfaces. Small wipes that tear easily and are dry are usually a sign of a cheaply priced, inferior wipe whose success relies solely on its affordability. The cheap price sucks you in and then before you know it you’re the proud new owner of worthless wipes. This is not something that most of us are willing to risk the health of of our family, employees or customers over. You get what you pay for!


Sanitizing Wipes Size and Packaging Sanitizing Wipes Roll Size and Packaging



Wipes Size:

In the 20+ years IRON COMPANY has been offering gym equipment wipes to commercial gyms and our military bases, the sweet spot seems to be an 800ct roll with 8” x 6” size wipes. This size wipe has ample surface area to properly clean, sanitize and disinfect the hands, a weight bench pad, locker room bench, treadmill console, counter surface or whatever you’re using it for. An 800ct roll with 8” x 6” wipes is also compatible with most wall-mounted or free-standing floor dispensers.

Wipes Thickness:

The wipes thickness is one of the most important details you’ll want to pay close attention to when buying wipes for cleaning your hands or hard surfaces. To cut material costs, shipping costs and be as competitive as possible, many wipes manufacturers will cut way back on the material by making a thinner wipe. High quality wet wipes that can properly sanitize and disinfect hands and surfaces without tearing will be at 40 grams per square meter (GSM) or greater.

Wipes Material:

Wipes material is usually made from textile materials including cellulosic fibers (cotton, wood pulp, viscose, lyocell) and thermoplastic fibers (polyethylene terephthalate, and polypropylene). Cellulosic fibers are used to ensure high water retention and storage capacities and polyolefin fibers are accountable for high tensile strength, abrasion and solvent resistance. The majority of wipes for surface disinfection are made of blends of polyester and viscose fibres/wood pulp. Other names for wipes, or "towelette", material is non-woven Spunlace and Spunbond. Spunbond non-woven material offers high strength, high temperature resistance, UV resistance and is non-toxic.

Wipes Active Ingredient:

If you are using wipes for sanitizing and/or disinfecting hands, cardio equipment consoles, gym equipment padding and other surfaces that are susceptible to drying and cracking, avoid disinfecting wipes that contain alcohol. Most FDA Approved sanitizing wipes will include an active ingredient called Benzalkonium chloride. Benzalkonium chloride can be safely used on these surfaces to sanitize without the negative effects often seen with alcohol wipes. Some wipes will even include Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin and a scented fragrance, such as lemon, which will leave the area of application smelling clean and fresh.


Best Sanitizing Wipes Packaging Best Sanitizing Wipes Roll Packaging - 800ct Roll x 2



Wipes Packaging:

Sanitizing wipes refill roll packaging usually consists of a clear or white plastic bag. Your best bet is to make sure the wipes rolls you purchase come in a resealable bag with a Ziploc or similar closure at the top. This resealable top will retain the moisture if stored for a longer length of time. And wipes cases will include two or four rolls of wipes. Either one is just fine, however our experience has shown that a two roll case not only tends to hold up better in shipping but is easier for the customer to handle on their end. A two roll case will weigh approximately 20 lbs. compared to the 40 lb. four roll case.

Wipes Re-Order Program:

For your convenience, there are wipes re-order programs that take the guesswork and hassle out of re-ordering your wipes, whether by one case at a time or in bulk. A good wipes re-order program is ideal for gyms, schools, police, fire, hotels or any location that requires ordering multiple times a year.

So, what brand of wipes include all the best specs and performance you expect at the best price possible? IRON COMPANY sanitizing wipes. GO HERE TO ORDER!


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