Skullbell Kettlebell (Single) - Skull Kettlebell | Ironskull Fitness (SKULL-BELL)

Skullbell Kettlebell (Single) - Skull Kettlebell | Ironskull Fitness (SKULL-BELL) - Show you are serious... Read More

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Skullbell Kettlebell (Single) - Skull Kettlebell | Ironskull Fitness (SKULL-BELL) - Show you are serious about training and put the scare into those around you with a kettlebell with a face! Introducing a bold new look in a world of ordinary kettlebells for strength and conditioning training. Ironskull Fitness Skullbells are American made kettlebells with an attitude. These bad boy Skullbells bring a bold new look to what would be just another hunk of boring iron. Patented Skull Kettlebells blend old school craftsmanship with today's technology. These high quality iron castings are poured in ISO Certified American foundries by men and women who take pride in their work. If you train like a demon, or just want to look like one in the gym, these fantastic kettlebells are right down your alley!

What is a Pood in Crossfit kettlebell training? The pood is a Russian unit of mass or weight measurement of approximately 16.38 kilograms (36.11 pounds), originally used in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine with origins dating back to the 16th century. Today, traditional Russian-style kettlebells are cast in multiples and fractions of the more standardized measurement of 16 kilograms, which is the weight of one pood rounded to metric units. For instance, a 24 kilogram kettlebell will also be known as a one-and-a-half pood kettlebell. The pood has become popular with the Crossfit community who tends to use the measurement rather than kilograms or pounds. The most popular and standardized kettlebell increments used in Crossfit are 1 pood (16 kg), 1.5 pood (24 kg), and 2 pood (32 kg).


  • (1) Skullbell Iron Kettlebell

Available Sizes:

  • CS18 - 18 lb / 8 kg / 0.5 Pood
  • CS26 - 26 lb / 12 kg / 0.75 Pood
  • CS35 - 35 lb / 16 kg / 1 Pood
  • CS45 - 45 lb / 20 kg / 1.25 Pood
  • CS53 - 53 lb / 24 kg / 1.5 Pood
  • CS70 - 70 lb / 32 kg / 2 Pood - The Deuce

Note: Image as shown may not represent actual size. Size of kettlebell will vary based on weight increment.

Unleash the power of heavy kettlebell training! Heavy kettlebells are gaining high demand in the world of strength training and conditioning. Performing the kettlebell swing exercise with a 88 pound skull kettlebell will help improve power outputs in a horizontal direction, helping build explosive power and upper body strength for peak velocity. Training with heavy kettlebells will present a different challenge to the body as compared to performing squats, deadlifts, and other traditional bar training exercises. The CS88 Skullbell (40 kilograms) is really close in size (about 8.5" diameter) to a professional kettlebell used for competitions. The back is round just like a pro bell for comfort and has a very small label area. Handle is 1.5" diameter and is ground smooth.

Examples of custom laser etched stainless steel back plate
Ironskull Fitness kettlebell custom engraving
Click image to enlarge

Looking for a custom engraved Skullbell to present as an event award or gift in appreciation of military or civil service? Call 888-758-7527 or email your request along with graphics image to


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Skullbell Kettlebell (Single) - Skull Kettlebell | Ironskull Fitness (SKULL-BELL)
Skullbell Kettlebell (Single) - Skull Kettlebell | Ironskull Fitness (SKULL-BELL)