Manila Climbing Rope and Cargo Net Purchasing Info

Manila Climbing Rope and Cargo Net Purchasing Info

Manila Climbing Ropes and Cargo Nets For Bodyweight Training

You’re up next and it’s your first 20 foot manila rope climb. Although you’re no ace at rope climbing, you’ve graduated from the “gym class technique” to a more efficient Marine-style brake and squat climbing method. You’re warmed up for this segment of your strength and conditioning workout, but nervousness sets in as you stare at the manila climbing rope in front of you. You’re physically ready for the challenge but realize you’re questioning if the rope will hold-up. Sound familiar?!

Why add rope climbing to your workout of the day (WOD)?
Like a pull-up, rope climbing requires users to move the entire body in a single motion. It’s a total body-workout with the muscles in your hands and forearm applying tremendous griping force, your core becomes well engaged to allow you to pull yourself up more efficiently, and your legs are well incorporated as you pinch the rope between your feet and push during the climb. Climbing rope can be the ultimate in bodyweight training greatly increasing strength in the upper body as well as adding muscle mass and igniting fat.

Rope climb workouts are popular with cross training facilities and high school gym classes, utilized as a test for upper body strength and muscular endurance. Climbing rope can be a very competitive and fun way to get into shape. For military boot camp training though, it is training for function and survival. Rope climbing technique in itself can mean the difference between a soldier being safe or in harm’s way when in combat or in a compromised position.

Jammar Manufacturing of manila climbing rope and cargo nets. Jammar Manufacturing of manila climbing rope and cargo nets.


What brand of climbing rope should I buy?
With over 30 years of manufacturing quality indoor and outdoor rope products, we trust in Jammar rope products to supply our military purchase agents, cross training facilities, school coaches, and obstacle course customers with a rope product solution. Amongst the many places where you’ll find Jammar climbing ropes and cargo net climbing products are military bases such as Camp Pendleton, Fort Drum, and Fort Bragg, universities such as Penn State, adventure courses such as those by the Titan Run and Urbanathalon, training facilities such as Neuroline Muay Thai & Fitness, and many more!

There are multiple brands offering climbing rope products, but choose Jammar products for the quality, performance, and reliability. With their many years of experience manufacturing fitness rope products, they are able to custom manufacture reliable climbing ropes and cargo net products that perform well under rigorous use.

Jammar Outdoor Climbing Cargo Net Jammar Outdoor Climbing Cargo Net


What options are there for a custom made climbing rope?
High quality Jammar climbing ropes for indoor and outdoor use can be custom manufactured in 1.25, 1.5”, or 2” diameters to your needed length. Popular rope materials are the 3-strand twisted natural manila rope for maximum grip, and the synthetic 3-strand twisted polyester blend (Dacron) ropes which offer excellent UV, moisture, and abrasion resistance. Choose dacron rope in either Black, Tan, or White for easier identification or visual impact. Further customize the rope with either a loop top where the rope is spliced back into itself, special designed eye fitting for securing to an attachment, or a heavy-duty galvanized metal thimble. To prevent unraveling, bottoms of climbing ropes can be customized with either a whipped end, poly boot covering, or braided end.

Jammar fitness rope products are available at IRON COMPANY® for GSA and CMAS purchase, schools, adventure racing and obstacle course designers, as well as retail customers. Whether you need to climb 25 feet or traverse within an obstacle course, we have a customized rope product solution for you.

IRON COMPANY Government Contracts:
GSA MAS # GS-07F-0104M
CMAS # 4-12-78-0066A

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