Indoor Manila Climbing Ropes USA Made | Jammar (CR1-150-M)

Length: 10'-30'
Diameter: 1.5"
Ends: Whipped, Poly Boot, Braided
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USA Made Indoor Manila Climbing Ropes and Anchoring Hardware – Climbing rope is one of the most effective strength and endurance building bodyweight training exercises you can do. Climbing ropes are used by professional athletes, first responders and military spec ops alike to greatly increase gripping strength, overall upper body strength and sustained strength for maximum performance. Rope climbing isn't just for the professional, its also an affordable and fun way for anyone to get into better physical shape. If you've got a high enough anchor point, a climbing rope may be the perfect piece of fitness equipment needed to get you started toward reaching your fitness goals.

What Are Some Examples Of Rope Climbing Exercises? – The great thing about using a climbing rope is you can use it many different ways depending on your fitness goals, but it does help if we know what trainers and athletes are already doing to achieve results. For a beginner, just getting used to lifting your own bodyweight might be the best way to start. To do this, while facing the rope, raise both hands and grab the rope as high as you can. Grab the rope with a firm grip and perform a pull-up. If you can't do a full pull-up by yourself yet that's ok. With a firm grasp of the rope in both hands, jump up and hold yourself up and slowly lower yourself down. Some refer to this as a "Jump Assist Pull-Up". Even though you are not completely pulling yourself up, performing these holds and negatives will begin building the grip and the muscles needed to pull yourself up soon enough.

The rope climbing exercise we're probably all familiar with is the Vertical Climb. To perform the vertical rope climb, begin the exercise by fully extending both arms upward toward the rope and grabbing on with both hands. Pull yourself up while positioning the rope between your legs and wrapping it counterclockwise around the outside of your right knee and then back between the insides of your feet. Clamp your feet together against the rope and then simulate standing up. Repeat this motion until you reach your maximum height and then reverse the technique to climb back down. Other effective rope climbing exercise progressions include the leg assist pull-up, row to pull-up, alternating pull-up, straddle butterfly assist climb and full straddle climb.

Climbing Rope Installation Location Recommendations – What are the best recommendations for hanging an Indoor Manila Climbing Rope? Climbing ropes must be hung from structurally safe framework which will exceed any load placed on the rope. Most beam and ceiling framework in institutional buildings will meet this criteria, however, always confirm this with your building plans and/or building engineer. You will want to raise your ropes up out of reach or path of other students or activities whenever ropes are not in use, so select an area accordingly. Also, locate climb ropes no further that the rope length away from the wall. This allows a pulley installed high on the wall to pull rope up and over, thus out of the way. Do not locate ropes too close to wall where objects on wall could interfere or injure a climber by impairing proper spotting and supervision. You will need mats around climbing area and a thick landing mat directly under climbing rope for safety purposes. At no time should Jammar Climbing ropes be used outdoors.

How Long Should My Climbing Rope Be? – The guidelines between using climbing ropes for gymnastics and for fitness and sport differ. If you're incorporating rope climbing exercises into your gymnastics training you'll want your rope to be long enough to allow at least 42" to lay on the floor. For fitness and sports training the climbing rope should be the distance between the anchor point and the floor minus 1'. So if your rope connection is 11' off the ground you'll need a 10' long rope.

How can Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes be purchased on GSA Contract through IRON COMPANY®? – They can be purchased through GSA Contract 47QSMA22D08NN through the GSA Advantage website, by calling an IRON COMPANY® GSA sales rep at 1-888-758-7527 or by contacting us via email at

Need a bulk order quote for a school, commercial gym, or climbing studio? Call an IRON COMPANY® climbing equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email


Available Sizes - Includes (1) Manila Climbing Rope:

  • CR1-150-M-10 - 1.5" x 10' Manila Climbing Rope
  • CR1-150-M-10/BK150M - 1.5" x 10' Manila Climbing Rope with Big Knots Every 18"
  • CR1-150-M-15 - 1.5" x 15' Manila Climbing Rope
  • CR1-150-M-15/BK150M - 1.5" x 15' Manila Climbing Rope with Big Knots Every 18"
  • CR1-150-M-20 - 1.5" x 20' Manila Climbing Rope
  • CR1-150-M-20/BK150M - 1.5" x 20' Manila Climbing Rope with Big Knots Every 18"
  • CR1-150-M-25 - 1.5" x 25' Manila Climbing Rope
  • CR1-150-M-25/BK150M - 1.5" x 25' Manila Climbing Rope with Big Knots Every 18"
  • CR1-150-M-30 - 1.5" x 30' Manila Climbing Rope
  • CR1-150-M-30/BK150M - 1.5" x 30' Manila Climbing Rope with Big Knots Every 18"


Manila Climbing Rope Options:

Climbing Ropes with whipped end
Whipped End
Climbing Ropes with poly boot end
Poly Boot End
Climbing Ropes with braided end
Braided End
Climbing Ropes with knots
Big Knots


What Features Do Manila Climbing Ropes Offer?

  • Quality: Superior quality 3-strand 1.5" diameter pure "Grade A" manila rope
  • Diameter: All ropes come with a 1.5" diameter
  • Grip: Perspiration absorbing manila fibers offer superior gripping
  • Lengths: Rope length choices range from 10' to 30'
  • Rope Weight: Approx. 1 lb. per foot
  • Ends: All ropes come with Whipped ends with optional Poly Boot (CR2) and Braided (CR4) upgrades
  • Anchoring Hardware: Sold separately. All ropes do come with a pre-installed eye fitting (shown in main image) that will connect to optional attachment anchors
  • Custom lengths and diameters of 1.25" and 2" are available upon request
  • Available on IRON COMPANY GSA Contract 47QSMA22D08NN
  • Lead Time: Approx. 2-week production time
  • Proudly Made In The USA


What Are Some Manila Climbing Rope Exercise and Progression Examples?

  • Jump Assist Pull-Up
  • Leg Assist Pull-Up
  • Row To Pull-Up
  • Alternating Pull-Up
  • Leg Assist Climb
  • Butterfly Assist Climb
  • Pull-Up Climb
  • Straddle Butterfly Assist Climb
  • Full Straddle Climb
  • Straddle V-Sit Climb


How Is Training With Climbing Ropes Beneficial?

  • Increases grip strength and overall upper body strength
  • More sustained strength and endurance
  • Enhances speed and coordination
  • Builds muscle in arms, shoulders, back and chest
  • Increases heart rate and burns fat


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Indoor Manila Climbing Ropes USA Made | Jammar (CR1-150-M)
Indoor Manila Climbing Ropes USA Made | Jammar (CR1-150-M)