The greatest fitness book you've never heard of...The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher

The greatest fitness book you've never heard of...The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher

The elite loved The Purposeful Primitive - the general public yawned

Marty Gallagher is a legendary trainer, athlete, writer and larger than life figure who has been a national champion Olympic weightlifter, a world champion powerlifter and as a coach won six national team titles and coached team USA to the world title in 1991. Gallagher trains and advises Tier I spec ops fighters on an official basis and works with Secret Service (Counter Assault and Protective Service) members.

He is widely considered the finest writer in the fitness field and was the training expert for Muscle & Fitness magazine for ten years. Marty is one of the few fitness writers with mainstream journalism credentials, he wrote 235 weekly and bi-weekly fitness columns for the Washington Post and has had over 1,000 published articles since 1978. The accolades and endorsements for The Purposeful Primitive speak for themselves...

Incredible! Marty Gallagher has produced an absolute classic - I could not put it down! I am proud to be included in this book!
Dorian Yates, 6-time Mar. Olympia

This book is absolutely the single best book ever written on being the best you can be. An amazing read by the best writer in the game.
Dr. Jim Wright, Health and Science editor Flex Magazine,
Director of Performance, US Army Physical Fitness School

Marty Gallagher is a brilliant writer - the PP is truly a fascinating read.
Clarence Bass, author Ripped

Gallagher has 30 years of genius and experience and combines it with the writing ability of Hemingway.
Ricky Dale Crain, IPF world powerlifting champion, Hall of Fame

There are two classes of fitness writers - Marty Gallagher and everyone else!
Randall Strossen, Publisher and Editor, MILO magazine

Gallagher is the best writer in the world of physical fitness and strength - bar none - The Purposeful Primitive is the best manuscript ever produced in the field.
Dr. Judd Biasotto, world record holder, author of 45 fitness books

Absolutely magnificent! What a breathtaking book. Gallagher has a writing style worthy of Hemingway. This book is impossible to put down.
Kenneth Jay, The Dane of Pain

That's just a small sampling of the praise for The Purposeful Primitive.

The elite lose their collective mind over this book: the public yawn and don't get it. Gallagher was mentored by a hall-of-fame strength athlete from a very early young age; he in turn created and mentored hall-of-fame strength athletes. The man not only talks the talk better than anyone, he walks the walk with outrageous athletic and coaching "street cred." Having won world championships as an athlete and as a coach speaks volumes. Now add to that that this dude writes "like an angel after three bourbons."

The book is huge, 470 pages with zero fluff and broken into four parts. The subtitle relates the content, "masters, modes and methods; transformational techniques and tactics." That pretty well sums it up.

In the first section of the book, Gallagher profiles ten giants. He offers up insightful insider biographies of these ten all time great athletes. Each of the ten masters paths crossed Gallagher's at some juncture of his 50-year tenure. His bios offers up why each man was and is important, what were their feats and exploits and best of all, Gallagher offers up their exact training strategies from when each immortal was at his peak.

He then shifts into Iron Methods section and lays out a detailed progressive resistance training section that is incredible; Gallagher offers up a method that identifies the common thread between all ten - insofar as training. The resultant resistance prescription cuts through all the BS and commercialization associated with modern fitness and relates the truths of resistance training.

Gallagher then swings into the psychological aspects of the "transformative process." It is his contention that the psychological aspects of the "transformative process" are overlooked. He then dedicates 65 pages to "Brain-Train." He follows with 70 pages dedicated to Cardio and 90 towards nutrition. He then offers up an epilogue that is a recapitulation, a writing tour d'force. The best thing about the book Purposeful Primitive is that it is timeless; the philosophic thrust of the book is to keep alive the ultra-effective Old School methods that are in danger of dying out...

Get this book! You can thank me later.


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