Why Commercial Gyms Choose IRON COMPANY for their Fitness Equipment Needs

Why Commercial Gyms Choose IRON COMPANY for their Fitness Equipment Needs

Most commercial gym owners start out as someone who is passionate about health and fitness. This passion blossoms into a desire to help others, and eventually it becomes a career path. It’s a labor of love, but it’s also a business. Most days are long and start early. Even with the best fitness mind, if you don’t possess business savvy, you are doomed! It’s now more difficult and complicated than ever to make the correct decision on fitness equipment. That’s why more and more gym owners are turning to Ironcompany® to assist in the purchase of commercial gym equipment.

At Ironcompany, our mission goes beyond just selling fitness equipment. We view every client as an opportunity to develop a long-term partnership. In addition, we bring the following value to every customer and every sale:

  • Communication and Education
  • Comprehensive Selection
  • Delivery and Logistics
  • Ongoing Relationship

Commercial gyms span the gamut of operations:

  • The “big box,” which typically has massive square footage, a sea of equipment and many amenities;
  • The niche gym, which can be a crossfit box, an activity-specific gym, a group fitness gym or a 24-hour-access gym;
  • The community gym, which is location based and convenience;
  • The personal training gym.

Communications and Education

Commercial fitness equipment is not a commodity at Ironcompany...it's our PASSION. Not only are we involved in fitness on a personal level, but we also purchase what we sell. For example, just weeks ago I purchased a wobble board to use while standing at my desk. Our sales team has over 100 years combined experience in the industry, and we regularly meet with our manufacturing partners for the latest training and trends. You’ve got a tremendous wealth of information at your disposal with Ironcompany, and we’re eager to share it. Do you know what the best rolled rubber flooring thickness is to use in a commercial gym? That’s just one small but very important question that Ironcompany can answer for you.

We understand that the priority of a "big box" gym that is well established is equipment that exhibits longevity and customer satisfaction. In the case of a personal training gym, Ironcompany knows how to make your budget work.

In addition, Ironcompany knows how to communicate with a start-up gym owner and orchestrate the arrival of all equipment. For example, rubber flooring needs to be delivered first and installed before anything else.

Fitness Equipment

Comprehensive Selection

We work with nearly 150 different manufacturing partners and have access to thousands and thousands of products. We know which fitness product are outstanding and the best value and investment. Our reach into the fitness marketplace is stunning, and you can be confident that we’ll search out the best fitness products for each and every application. We’re not limited to just one or two manufacturer in any category.

And speaking of categories, this is just a small sampling:

Accessories – Interval Timers, Cable Attachments, Chalk Bowls and Toning Bars.

Exercise Balls – Slammer Balls, Medicine Balls, Stability Balls & Yoga/Pilates Balls.

Cardio Equipment – Treadmills, Ellipticals, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Stepmills, Stair Steppers and Rowing Machines and Refurbished Cardio Machines.

Cleaning Supplies – Gym Equipment Wipes and Dispensers, Disinfectant Sprays and Gym Towels.

Gym Flooring – Adhesives and Cleaners, Aerobic Tiles, Artificial Turf, Carpet Tiles, Foam Exercise Mats, Interlocking Rubber Tiles, MMA/Wrestling Mats, Rolled Rubber and Rubber Gym Mats.

Free Weight Equipment – Barbell Collars, Barbell Sets, Dumbbell Sets, Indian Clubs, Kettlebell Sets, Olympic Weight Bars and Olympic Weight Plates.

Plyometrics/Speed/Sled Training – Agility Hurdles & Ladders, Plyo Boxes, Push and Pull Sleds and Speed Trainers.

Free Weight Storage Solutions– Slammer Ball Racks, Medicine Ball Racks, Barbell Set Racks, Dumbbell Set Racks, Kettlebell Set Racks, Weight Plate Holders and Cable Attachment Racks.

Strength Equipment – Abdominal Benches, Glute/Ham Benches, Half Racks and Quarter Cages, Hydraulic Strength Equipment, Jungle Gyms, Weight Lifting Platforms, Plate Loaded Strength Equipment, Power Cages, Selectorized Strength Machines, Smith Machines, Olympic Weight Benches and Squat Stands.

Weight Scales – Digital Floor Scales, Mechanical Bathroom Scales, Physician Scales, Bariatric and Wheelchair Scales.

Wireless Entertainment – Transmitters and Receivers and Free Standing TV Floor Stands.

Ironcompany has access to multiple manufacturers in each category, so lean on us for information, insight and/or recommendations.

Strength Equipment

Delivery and Logistics

Delivery is important! If you’ve ever waited for a commercial truck delivery that didn’t show up, even after they called and set up an appointment, you know just how important proper delivery arrangements are. Ironcompany’s shipping cost will not necessarily be the “cheapest,” but it will be on time and arrive in pristine condition. Our transportation partner is one of the top carriers in the industry, and their trucks never go “missing in action.”

Ongoing Relationship

It’s not over after the sale. We’re interested in your success because we view it as win-win scenario. We love talking fitness and discussing the latest trends in the industry. Taking care of our customers is very important, and we have a dedicated customer service team that is devoted to doing just that.

Don’t get overwhelmed when beginning to look for fitness equipment. Reach out to Ironcompany and let us help!

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About the Author

John Sisk is a former US Marine and is passionate about helping others achieve success in the arena of fitness. As a fitness industry veteran of over 40-years, John has the experience, product knowledge, and perspective that are second to none. John was founder and president of Legend Fitness for 29 years before teaming up with IRON COMPANY in 2006. With over 147 manufacturing partners, John has the right tools, experience, and expertise to ensure you get the best products for your fitness application, whether it is for military, commercial, or personal use. This is more than a job; it is a lifetime commitment to helping people. When not at IRON COMPANY, John can be found leading a Bible Study in the inner city or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Contact John here.