Health and Fitness Goes Green with Human Energy and SportsArt ECO-POWR™

Health and Fitness Goes Green with Human Energy and SportsArt ECO-POWR™

When it comes to going green, some talk the talk while others walk the walk. The very personal and conscious decision to become eco-friendly has moved into all facets of our lives with government, corporations and businesses embracing the concept of becoming environmentally responsible. As this movement continues to build and the masses begin to accept this green belief as a way of life, the decisions on the products we choose and the businesses we purchase from or frequent, are influenced by our underlying need to save energy, become eco-friendly, reduce our ecological footprint, and ultimately, save money!

Within the health and fitness industry, leading the charge to conservation is SportsArt! Trailblazing innovation for over 37 years and not new to the green scene, SportsArt Fitness has been designing and manufacturing fitness equipment that offers an eco-friendly presence since 2011! Today, the talented team at SportsArt has created cutting-edge technology that is changing the fitness equipment landscape for all facility applications.

The introduction of ECO-POWR™ cardio products to the SportsArt line up has brought a new way for exercise participants to give back to their local environment by way of human energy! The amazing development of ECO-POWR™ now allows human energy to be captured, harnessed and pumped back into the energy grid!

What is ECO-POWR™ and How Does It Work?
The phenomenal ECO-POWR™ concept of cardiovascular equipment produced by SportsArt brings green technology to the front lines of clubs and facilities all over the world. This technology allows fitness locations adorned with pioneering ECO-POWR™ ellipticals and stationary bikes to take advantage of the kinetic energy produced by humans who propel their way to heart pumping and body changing workouts! While the exercise participant is enjoying an exhilarating experience on a premium cardiovascular machine, the benefit here is two-fold. The participant is burning up calories, improving their cardio and muscular endurance, reaching their fitness goals all the while newly produced energy is pumped back into an onsite electrical grid, thus in turn benefiting the facility and the environment.

Human Energy

Each of the cardio machines produced in the ECO-POWR™ line up has an internal Micro-inverter that captures the human energy produced by busy bodies. As these ellipticals and bikes are plugged into power outlets, this human based harnessed energy is converted into utility-grade electricity. No need for bulky additional equipment for power or electrical conversions needed, simply plug the machines into the wall and take advantage of the human power created!

As electricity follows the path of least resistance, this utility grade electricity finds its way back into the power grid of the fitness center. This can trigger savings for club management and owners who have bottom line objectives, while meeting the exercise patrons desire to make a difference and meet green belief values.

SportsArt Triple Threat

Go Premium and Full Commercial With ECO-POWR™ Status Series!
For fitness facilities and applications where only the very best will do, the ECO-POWR™ Status Series cardio machines are the "go to" choice. As the incorporation of ECO design becomes paramount for commercial fitness locations looking to incorporate LEED building principles and sustainable site design, decisions on the most suitable choice of cardiovascular fitness equipment narrows with the spotlight shining on SportsArt!

The ECO-POWR™ Status Series cardio line is self-generating and does not require an outside power supply to operate. These units are designed to assist facilities in reducing their carbon footprint and reduce yearly operating costs. This makes ECO-POWR™ Status Series ellipticals and stationary bikes the eco-conscious product choice that can save facilities money every year in energy costs!

SportsArt G875 Elliptical

G875E ECO-POWR™ Elliptical Machine: Sporting a commercial grade frame and able to accommodate users up to 500 lbs., the G875E ECO-POWR™ Elliptical Machine is top of its class in the green scene! With 40 levels of resistance, an adjustable stride that ranges from 17" to 29" at the touch of a button along with niceties that include a 3-speed cooling fan, contact heart rate options and programs, pedal cushions, headphone jack and integrated audio control, this work of art will keep users engaged and connected throughout their workouts! More use means more human power sent back into the grid!

SportsArt G875u Upright Cycle SportsArt G875r Recumbent Bike

G575U and G575R ECO-POWR™ Stationary Bikes: The "power twins" in the line-up are the G575U Upright Stationary Bike and the G575R ECO-POWR™ Recumbent Stationary Bike offerings that SportsArt has introduced to the market. The "power twins" allow exercise enthusiasts the chance to pedal their caloric energy expenditures right out of them and back into the power grid in the form of electricity! To accommodate sitting preference of the user, the only difference between these two phenoms is the rider positioning. Each stationary bike comes with similar offerings that include a multitude of exercise programs to keep activity selection fresh for the user, contact heart rate, 40 levels of resistance, oversized pedals with quick strap adjustments, 3 speed fans and Bluetooth (also available on the G575E ECO-POWR™ Elliptical). The upright version will come with a low profile shroud design to allow easy access onto the bike and the recumbent version will come with SportsArt's genius walk-thru design which also lends itself for easy on and off accessibility by users of all types.

SportsArt G510 Indoor Cycle

G510 ECO-POWR™ Indoor Cycle: One of the hands down cardio conditioning favorites is the indoor cycle! Combine all of the wonderful and adrenaline pumping effects you get from riding a road bike and harness that power into that G510 ECO-POWR™ Indoor Cycle. Imagine having a whisper quiet and smooth exercise experience in the comfort of your apartment community, school or club where you can actually race to your heart's content and feel like you're on a real road bike! Get positioned properly with the fore and aft adjustments on your seat and handlebars and you're settled in for an indoor cycling experience like no other! With a digital display that reads out your distance traveled, speed, cadence and calories burned you'll also feel great knowing that you're pumping human harnessed energy back into the grid to keep the green belief and eco-friendly dream alive! Better yet, daisy chain up to seven G510 ECO-POWR™ Indoor Cycles together and plug them into a single outlet and increase the amount of energy being sent back into the grid for even more conservation and energy savings!

Want to Learn More About ECO-POWR™ Status Series Cardio?
SportsArt ECO-POWR™ Status Series Cardio is truly a premium and full commercial pod of products that has so much to offer environmentally conscious club patrons and club owners! For those looking to get a more in depth look at the product specifications that make each of these cardio machines the preferred eco-friendly choice, let me please invite you to go here:

Learn More About SportsArt ECO-POWR™ Cardio Equipment

By making environmentally sound business and operating decisions, owners or managers of schools, colleges and universities, fitness studios, apartment communities, corporate fitness centers, commercial clubs and government or military fitness facilities are putting the green belief of conservation front and center for students, residents, club patrons and employees who also believe in green initiatives!

Start your green belief campaign today and help to educate your members on the benefits of eco-friendly fitness equipment. By choosing to go green and selecting ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment you'll be on the cutting edge of consumer eco-consciousness, you'll help to reduce your facilities carbon footprint, you will position your facility within LEED principles and you can even save money!

SportsArt cardio equipment is now available for Government purchase through the GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M via the GSA Advantage website or by ordering direct from Ironcompany GSA rep Albert Abrego. SportsArt equipment is also available for CMAS purchase in the state of California through Ironcompany CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

Contact an Ironcompany Fitness Equipment Specialist by calling 888-758-7527 or by emailing and let us educate you on the benefits of adding SportsArt ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment in your fitness center. The decision to make a better tomorrow starts with what you do today!