Take The "Edge" Out of Plyometrics with Soft Plyo Box Training!

Take The "Edge" Out of Plyometrics with Soft Plyo Box Training!

Everywhere you look, people are jumping! Jumpers can be found in Crossfit boxes, at your local YMCA, in the 24 Hour gym down the road, at professional training camps and even in garage gyms everywhere! Some of these jumpers are new to the exercise world and just looking for a new way to train, while others are athletes looking for an edge on their competition.

Plyometric training has become a very popular form of exercise and it continues to be vital for fitness enthusiasts and athletes looking to add depth, intensity and variety to their training routines. Plyo training, or "jump training", has many benefits associated with muscular strength, explosiveness, power, stability and mobility. No longer just a staple of highly trained athletes, people of all ages and fitness levels are participating in jump training activities.

One of the greatest tools that has been very well received by the fitness community is the Soft Plyo Box. Savings shins, reducing injuries, and adding joint stability are just a few of the reasons Soft Impact Plyo Boxes are all the rage. Follow along as we touch on reasons why you should consider adding soft jump training to your routine and what types of soft boxes are available today!

Why Incorporate Soft Plyo Box Training Into Your Fitness Program?
There is a nice list of benefits that come with adding soft box jump training to the list of activities you do on a weekly basis. Breaking from the monotony that training on cardio equipment and machine or free weight training brings, plyometric training with soft impact jump boxes offers a terrific way to advance your exercise routines! It can bring the challenging changes your body needs to keep adapting and the intensity that soft box training is phenomenal. Don't let the word "soft" fool you.

Not only can soft plyo box training help you burn off more calories while you workout, the impact foam that you're jumping onto which is designed to create an unstable environment can actually enhance your joint stability in the long run! As you jump onto soft plyo boxes the tendons and ligaments that surround your knees and ankles are forced to overcome the unstable environment which increases your body's neuromuscular proprioception. Along with added joint stability, soft impact plyo box jump training can add muscular strength, muscular endurance and can also assist in toning the musculature of the lower body which will support you in your day to day movement and activities, on or off the field.

Plyo Box shin injury

However, the best reason to train with soft plyo boxes is the safety factor! As the name suggests, soft plyo boxes reduce the impact you take on your joints during jump base movements and they will not cause shin injuries, scrapes and cuts as is the case when using hard straight edged wooden or metal plyo boxes. As the popularity of plyometric training has increased, the injury rate of nasty shin scrapes and gashes has skyrocketed! Just take a look at any fitness related blog chronicling the athletic journey of any cross-fitter and you'll likely come across some awesome pictures of box jumping battle scars caused by that miscalculated jump. It can happen to the best of the best and a tired participant who "ate it" on a wooden or metal plyo box can likely show you a scar that will give you nightmares. Stick with a soft box and stay in the game! Safety first!

Soft Plyo Box Options for Exercise Variety!
You ask and you shall receive! As the fitness industry explodes and continues to bring new and exciting training aids to market, the options you have for soft plyo boxes is enormous! Everyone is getting in on the action and there is no shortage of soft jump boxes available. Here are three popular soft plyo boxes you can consider to get hopping on fast!

Soft Plyo Box colors

Soft Impact Stacking Plyo Boxes: Made in the USA, Ironcompany.com® offers colorful Soft Impact Stacking Plyo Boxes in multiple heights that allow users to build up jump coordination! With 6", 12", 18" and 24" box options, they can be purchased individually or in any number of combinations to build your very own custom set up to 60"! Since they're made with dense foam and covered with extra thick vinyl, they can stand the test of repeated use at commercial facilities and training centers everywhere!

Velcro will add extra stability for stacking boxes and provides a safe and effective agility training option as you increase the height for your challenging workouts. Purchased in a set, you'll have a variety of soft box heights to work with individually or grouped, so a stacking option is critical to gyms and training studios looking to reduce cost and offer a new training opportunity for patrons! These boxes are sized at 30" x 36" and offer plenty of room for jump aficionados of all shapes and sizes!

Performance Plyo Cushion Set

Performance Plyo Cushion Set: Legend Fitness brings another USA Made soft jump plyo tool to market by offering the soft Performance Plyo Cushion Set! This black or blue, vinyl covered, dense foam option comes complete with jump cushions in 6", 12" and 24" that can be used alone or stacked for max heights of 42"! Use the edge velcro tabs to secure the circular cushions together and these three height sizes can be matched to offer you up to seven jump heights.

If you are short on space for your jumps these performance plyo cushions are only 36" in diameter! That's right, these soft jump cushions are circular! This circular design is not by chance as Legend Fitness purposely moved away from the "box" pack by introducing circular jump cushions. As they see it, and as many have felt, landing on an extreme edge of a wooden or metal square plyo box with full force and body weight can result in a hard crash. Soft and circular... who would of thought? Jumpers love the performance plyo cushion set and commercial facilities along with major sports teams and universities use these for their patrons and athletes since they offer a unique way to soft plyo train!

QUBE Soft Plyo Box 3-in-1 Cube

SPRI The QUBE Soft Plyo Box 3-in-1 Cube: Why not have three sizes, in one box, with a simple rotation? That's what you get with the QUBE Soft Plyo Box 3-in-1 Cube from SPRI! This soft impact plyo box is unique in the fact that it has three sides measuring 20", 24" or 30" in height. Although it looks a tradition 3-in-1 plyo box, the QUBE wins the hearts of jumpers who are looking to jump another day! Made with reinforced foam and covered with durable vinyl, the QUBE is the way to go for users who are tired of bruised and battered legs and joints! Personal training studios, gym owners and those looking to save space enjoy using the SPRI QUBE since it offers three jump heights with one box. This is a clean looking, very stable, space saving, shin saving design that looks great in any location.

Where To Find An Assortment of Soft Plyo Box Training Aids
Now that it's time to add another training tool for your home gym or fitness facility, why not turn to the fitness professionals at Ironcompany.com? With a large variety of training aids to meet the demands of today's fitness professionals and enthusiasts who need quality equipment, Ironcompany offers exactly what you're looking for!

With thousands of products to cover your training needs, Ironcompany.com will also have a large variety jump training aids to get you springing to new heights. If you need a safe and effective product like a soft impact plyo box that offers a unique way to add adaptive plyometric training to your regiment, we've got you covered!

Are you ready to jump around? Jump up, jump up and get down! Take the next step and contact an Ironcompany Fitness Equipment Sales Specialist by calling 888-758-7527 or by emailing quotes@ironcompany.com!