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Includes 6", 12", and 24" High Cushions
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Performance Plyo Cushion Set - One of the most popular and effective plyometric tools that Legend Fitness offers are the Performance Plyo Cushions. Dont let the name mislead you. These arent fancy pillows or a distant cousin of that vinyl ottoman your aunt kept in front of her La-Z-Boy. These are actually really clever devices with a lot of thoughtful touches.

Lets introduce them to you through a series of FAQs:

  • First, they are constructed from a very firm, dense foam. Try to pillow fight with these and youll leave a mark. After all, full grown men will be jumping on them.
  • Second, they come as three pieces of varying heights, so that they can be mixed and matched to provide you with seven height options for your exercises, from 6 to 42 inches. Enormous Velcro tabs around the edges secure the segments to one another.
  • Lastly, the skins on these are crafted from a heavy duty tarp material that can withstand the repeated beatings of linebacker bunny hops. Feel free to think of it as Smurf leather, except with a grid pattern texture that offers additional traction for when they get sweaty.
  • While they may not necessarily be soft, they do give more than welded steel plyo boxes, causing the user to make minute adjustments with their ankles and knees, strengthening connective tissue along the way and requiring greater participation from stabilization muscles.
  • The give of the plyo cushion results in a low impact exercise, especially when leaping from one plyo segment to another.
  • Since they arent made from shin scraping steel, the user is encouraged to dig deeper and attempt higher jumps, resulting in greater gains.
  • The stiff foam provides a rebound effect for non-bouncing D-balls up to 100 pounds in weight.
  • In direct contrast to many competitors, our cushions arent square. Thats because there isnt a stability compromise if you were to land on the edge. Put all of your weight on the corner of a foam square, and youll risk doing the Humpty onto your head.
  • They are also available in black. So, the cushions can be black and blue instead of your shins. Or something like that..

Notice: Some Legend Fitness pieces will arrive fully welded and in one piece. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the delivered dimensions of each piece will allow it to be moved to the preferred location in your home or business. Any fully welded pieces can be built to bolt together upon request. This may require an upcharge. Please consult with a salesman if you have doubt before placing the order!

  • Dimensions: 36" L X 36" W X 42" H (3 cushions stacked together)
  • Shipped Weight: 185 lbs.

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