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6" Diameter Mini Kettlebell Medicine Ball for Women and Children -- Aeromat (MKBMB)

3 to 15 lbs.
Singles and Package Sets

Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebell Medicine Ball - Enhance your medicine ball workouts and kettlebell training at home or on the go with this unique two-in-one functional training tool. Rather than a traditional cast iron kettlebell, or even a vinyl or neoprene coated kettlebell that is still extremely hard, the Aeromat Kettlebell Medicine ball uses a pliable, low bounce EcoWise material that is much more grip friendly, increases functionality, and is safer on all floor surfaces. The smooth wide handle offers freedom and comfort during kettlebell exercises using a one-handed or two-handed grip. Attached with screws drilled all the way into the core of the kettlebell, the virtually unbreakable urethane handle becomes inseparable from the medicine ball, even when dropped or bounced. By varying the amount of moisture-resistant metal sand shavings in the core depending on the weight increment, the diameter of the kettlebell remains uniform no matter what the weight, meaning kettlebell exercise movements remain consistent and unimpeded, especially for smaller exercisers.

Grab a firm hold on the medicine ball below the handle and feel the difference of the unique deep grip multi-tactile texture over the entire surface of the thick latex-free medicine ball shell. The medicine ball can be intentionally bounced on any protected flooring. But more importantly, the pliable surface of the kettlebell medicine ball means that accidental drops during exercises, or dead drops at the completion of a set, will not cause any harm to unprotected floors such as hard woods and tile. When not in use, the flat bottoms prevent kettlebells from tipping over, or rolling around like typical medicine balls. Now there is a free weight solution that is attractive, safe, and functional for personal training studios, home gyms, and unsupervised hotel workout rooms and multi-unit housing recreation centers.

The Aeromat Mini Kettlebell Medicine ball with 6 inch diameter is two inches smaller than its standard sized counterpart, designed intentionally for use by women and children. The one inch diameter handle is easier to grip with smaller hands, and wide enough to easily grip with two hands for kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, and other two handed movements. The six inch size allows this to be a great functional product for a smaller framed exerciser and easier to grip when used for medicine ball drills. Mini Kettleball Medicine Balls are versatile for core function, abdominal strength and rotational movement training for young athletes and female exercisers.

Available Single Sizes - Includes (1) 6" Mini Kettlebell Medicine Ball:

  • 35850 - 3 pounds - Red
  • 35851 - 4 pounds - Orange
  • 35852 - 5 pounds - Purple
  • 35853 - 6 pounds - Yellow
  • 35854 - 7 pounds - Light Blue
  • 35855 - 8 pounds - Green
  • 35877 - 10 pounds - Copper
  • 35878 - 12 pounds - Gray
  • 35879 - 15 pounds - Black


MKBMB-6SET - 3-8 lbs. (6 kettlebells) -1 lb increments, total set weight 33 lbs

Includes (1) each: 3 lb (35850), 4 lb (35851), 5 lb (35852), 6 lb (35853), 7 lb (35854), 8 lb (35855)

MKBMB-3SET - 10, 12, 15 lbs. (3 kettlebells) - total set weight 37 lbs

Includes (1) each: 10 lb (35877), 12 lb (35878), 15 lb (35879)


  • 6 inch diameter (all weights)
  • 1 inch diameter handle
  • Urethane handle that is virtually unbreakable and undetachable from ball
  • EcoWise exterior material - Latex, PVC, Phthalates and Chloride free
  • Deep grip tactile surface texture for easy gripping and handling
  • Metal sand filled core that will not attract moisture or harden
  • Flat bottom to prevent tipping when not in use
  • Color coded by weight for easy identification
  • Low bounce on any protected flooring
  • Safe when dropped onto unprotected flooring such as hardwoods

Need a custom kettlebell medicine ball set for your fitness studio or bulk package for group fitness training? Contact an free weight specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

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