Heavy Ropes For Fitness Conditioning – Body-Solid (BSTBR)

Diameter: 1.5" and 2"
Length: 30', 40', and 50'
Uses: Cross-Training, Sports Performance
Body-Solid BSTBR Heavy Ropes For Fitness Conditioning
Body-Solid BSTBR Heavy Ropes For Fitness Conditioning
Body-Solid BSTBR Heavy Ropes For Fitness Conditioning Body-Solid BSTBR Power Conditioning Ropes Body-Solid BSTBR Battle Ropes for Heavy Rope Alternating Waves Body-Solid BSTBR Fitness Ropes for Heavy Rope Double Arm Waves

Body-Solid BSTBR Fitness Training Ropes – Get ready for battle! Heavy rope training is growing in popularity in particular with professional athletes, personal trainers, health clubs, and home fitness enthusiasts. Fitness Training Ropes are portable and can be used anywhere for both indoor and outdoor training. Training can be done with individual users or couples and is usually very intense involving the use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously while increasing overall strength, hand strength, and cardio endurance. Muscle groups targeted include hands and forearms, upper arms, entire core, deltoids, shoulders and traps. Body-Solids Fitness Training Ropes come in six sizes with varying lengths and diameters.

What heavy rope exercises should I perform in my workouts? Most heavy rope exercise routines will quickly ramp up the cardiovascular system while toning and strengthening all the muscles targeted by each exercise. Start with a heavy rope training favorite, the Slam. The Slam is performed by firmly grabbing both ends of the rope with both hands. Bring the hands up over the head and then slam them down creating a rope wave that travels across the floor. After a few two arm heavy rope slam sessions, mix it up by alternating the arms for one arm slams. Even though the one and two arm slams are one of the most basic heavy rope training exercises, they can still bring a seasoned athlete to his or her knees in a matter of minutes. For more advanced heavy exercise rope training, try the Double Wave. The goal here is more speed and cardio versus the raw power of the slam. Grab each end of the rope just like you did for the slam and begin creating a parallel wavelike motion with the rope. Maintain the velocity and flow of these waves for the entire length of the interval. As with the slam, alternate the hands to mix things up once you've perfected the two hand version. This one will require some coordination! There are tons of other heavy rope exercise that can be performed such as the grappler throw and around the world, however heavy rope training is so versatile that most the time its only limited by the user's creativity.

Heavy Rope Training Tip – Want to really increase your grip and forearm strength while training with battle ropes? Use a thicker rope with a larger diameter. 2 inch diameter ropes will open up the hands just a bit more as you train putting more emphasis on squeezing the rope. You'll feel the hands and forearms want to gas out before they would using the smaller diameter ropes. Soon you'll notice increased grip strength and forearm thickness. This is the same technique used by a weightlifter when grip training with an oversized thick bar.

Need a quote for a custom fitness rope package or bulk order? Call an IRON COMPANY® cross-training gear specialist today at 1-888-758-7527. You can also email quotes@ironcompany.com.

Available Individual Heavy Ropes:

  • BSTBR1530 - 1.5" Diameter | 30' Rope | 13 lbs.
  • BSTBR1540 - 1.5" Diameter | 40' Rope | 19 lbs.
  • BSTBR1550 - 1.5" Diameter | 50' Rope | 22 lbs.
  • BSTBR2030 - 2.0" Diameter | 30' Rope | 20 lbs.
  • BSTBR2040 - 2.0" Diameter | 40' Rope | 29 lbs.
  • BSTBR2050 - 2.0" Diameter | 50' Rope | 34 lbs.

Available Heavy Rope Set:

  • BSTBR-SET - (1 each) 1.5" x 30', 1.5" x 50', 2" x 30', and 2" x 50' Ropes (4 ropes, 89 lbs. total)

Heavy Training Rope Features:

  • Color: Black to camouflage dirt build up from heavy use
  • Construction: Durable Poly-Twine for maximum abrasion and stretch resistance
  • Wet/Dry Strength: Same
  • Water Absorption: Zero
  • UV Resistance: Good
  • Ends: Fully wrapped to prevent unravelling and to provide a handle
  • Uses: Heavy-duty construction for use indoors and out
  • Diameters: 1.5" or large diameter 2" for increased grip training
  • Lengths: Multiple lengths up to 50' allow for solo or partner training

What are Examples Of Heavy Training Rope Exercises?

  • Slams and Alternating Heavy Rope Slams
  • Heavy Rope Grappler Throws
  • Waves and Alternating Waves
  • Around The Worlds
  • Weighted Jacks
  • Double Outside Circles
  • Alternating Heavy Rope Split Squat Wave
  • Squat Thrust Power Slams
  • Heavy Rope Plank Pull

What are the Benefits Of Training With Heavy Training Ropes?

  • Increased strength, muscle tone and muscle endurance
  • Ramps up cardio conditioning
  • Increases explosive power
  • Enhances coordination
  • Turbo charges the metabolism for accelerated fat burning

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