Pro ClubLine Series II Assisted Chin and Dip Machine -- Body-Solid (S2ACD)

235 lb Counterbalanced Weight Stack
Featuring Rock Climbing Grips


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Body-Solid ProClub Line Series II Assisted Chin Dip The Pro ClubLine Series II S2ACD from Body-Solid is a commercial grade exercise machine which allows users to perform pull-up, chin-up, and dip exercises more easily by providing incremental weight assistance to counterbalance the users own bodyweight. The S2ACD utilizes a 235 lb weight stack in 15 pound increments that is engaged when the user is supported by the knee pad in horizontal position while hanging from the pull up grips or holding the body upward from the dip handles. Each weight plate added using the selector pin will decrease the users own bodyweight by 15 pounds during exercise. The counterbalanced weight will thus allow for full range of motion and perfect repetitions regardless of the user's current upper body strength or fitness level. A machine-defined path of motion means even the most novice users can consistently get a safe, effective workout with proper form. Once the user is strong enough to perform repetitions in good form without weight assistance, the knee support pad can be disengaged and lowered downward to a vertical position out of the way allowing unobstructed movement for body weight training.

The S2ACD Weight-Assisted Chin Dip features two sets of wide lat pull-up grips in fixed position, both neutral and traditional for exercise variety. The unique close grip chin-up bar pivots forward to allow neutral, underhand, and overhand grip positions, and then rotates back and out of the way when not in use so that other exercises can be performed with proper head clearance. For users looking to increase grip strength in the hands and forearms, the S2ACD features Body Solids exclusive rock climbing grips with ergonomic design. The dip handles rotate outward for wide grip dips for larger users and to create extra workout space while doing pull-up and chin-up exercises. Stair steps allow for safe, easy access to the upper handles and knee support pad.

Body Solids Pro ClubLine Series II is the premium selectorized line from Body Solid and is perfect for any fitness facility. Designed with superior functionality and a sleek modern look, Body Solids ProClubLine Series II is durable and affordable. Every machine is built with an 11 gauge 2 x 3 steel mainframe for rock solid construction and support. Each machine is fully shrouded for safety and aesthetics. Sealed bearing pulleys and aircraft quality cables ensure smooth movements and longevity. Thick, comfortable DuraFirm pads reduce fatigue and discomfort while working out. The Pro ClubLine series boasts 17 machines available to cover the needs of any commercial gym or fitness facility, all while keeping with the Body Solid tradition of quality and value.


  • Full Commercial Rated
  • 2 x 3 11-gauge steel (3mm) frame construction
  • 235 lb counterbalanced weight stack for optional weight assistance
  • Quantity (15) x 15 lb plates with 10 lb top plate / selector stem
  • 5 different grips for pull ups and chin ups:
    • Wide lat pull-up with traditional hand grip positions
    • Wide lat pull-up with neutral hand grip positions
    • Close grip chin-up with traditional hand grip positions (underhand and overhand)
    • Close grip chin-up with neutral hand grip positions
    • Exclusive rock climbing grips for increasing grip strength
  • Chin up bar folds out of the way for other exercises
  • Dip handles rotate out of the way for extra space while doing pull-up exercises
  • Weight-assisted knee pad can be disengaged for users who wish to use their entire body weight
  • Precision-grade solid steel 1.25 guide rods with commercial-quality sealed bearings
  • Multiple stair steps for easy access
  • Fully shrouded for safety and aesthetics
  • Body Focus: Biceps, Chest, Delts, Lats, Shoulders, Traps, Triceps
  • Exercises: Wide Grip Front Lat Pullup, Close Grip Front Lat Pullup, Leg Raise, Dip, Hang Crunches, Negatives, Wing Chin-Up, Hanging Shoulder Shrugs

Hand Grip Positions (Click to Enlarge)

Body-Solid S2ACD Wide Traditional Hand Grip Position for Pull-Up Exercise
Wide Traditional Grip
Body-Solid S2ACD Wide Neutral Hand Grip Position for Pull-Up Exercise
Wide Neutral Grip
Body-Solid S2ACD Rock Climbing Hand Grip Position for Pull-Up Exercise
Rock Climbing Grip
Body-Solid S2ACD Close Underhand Grip Position for Chin-Up Exercise
Close Underhand Grip
Body-Solid S2ACD Close Overhand Grip Position for Chin-Up Exercise
Close Overhand Grip
Body-Solid S2ACD Close Neutral Hand Grip Position for Chin-Up Exercise
Close Neutral Grip


  • Assembled Dimensions: 63 L x 33 W x 98 H (44 width at top handles)
  • Unit Weight: 595 lbs.

Body-Solid S2ACD Assisted Chin Dip Machine Top View Dimensions
Click to Enlarge

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Full Commercial Rated Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Full Commercial:

  • Frame & Welds LIFETIME
  • Bearings & Hardware 3 Years
  • Pads, Rollers, & Grips (Normal Wear) 1 Year

Warranty Residential:

  • Frame & Welds LIFETIME
  • Bearings & Hardware LIFETIME
  • Pads, Rollers, & Grips (Normal Wear) LIFETIME

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Pro ClubLine Series II Assisted Chin and Dip Machine -- Body-Solid (S2ACD)
Pro ClubLine Series II Assisted Chin and Dip Machine -- Body-Solid (S2ACD)