Pro-Style Dumbbell Handles - SDH Solid Dumbbell Handles (Pairs) – CAP Barbell (SDH)

Sizes: #1 to #10
Finish: Chrome or Black Oxide
Uses: Home, Studio and Club Use
Weight Plates NOT included

CAP Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell Handles - Thinking of building your own "DIY" dumbbells for your garage gym, fitness studio or CrossFit box? Our selection of Pro-Style SDH handles from CAP Barbell includes sizes 1-10 allowing you to build fixed weight dumbbells starting as light as 5 lbs. all the way up to an extremely heavy 200 lbs - per dumbbell! Add your choice of painted, chrome or rubber encased dumbbell plates and build your own custom size dumbbells. Storing your new Pro-Style dumbbells on a commercial saddle rack is no problem as long as your plates do not exceed 10 lbs. each. Plates over 10 lbs. have a diameter too big to be stored side by side on a dumbbell rack.

Pro-Style fixed dumbbells can be found in commercial weight rooms all over the country. They are regarded as an extremely strong dumbbell design with a comfortable handle for light or heavy lifting. Compared to other dumbbell choices, they are also one of the most affordable and are often ideal for any facility needing to stretch their equipment budget. Don't forget to check out our optional black or chrome steel end caps. They take the place of the chrome washer that arrives with your handles and gives your dumbbells a professional look and makes them more user friendly, especially when setting them on your thighs before a set of presses or tricep extensions.

Need a quote for a custom constructed set of pro-style dumbbells? Call an IRON COMPANY® free weights specialist today at 1-888-758-7527. You can also email

Iron Company Steel End Caps for SDH Pro Style Solid Fixed Dumbbell Handles

OPTIONAL Black and Chrome steel end caps for Pro-Style dumbbells enhance the aesthetics and provide a clean finish that is more user friendly (weight increment and logo stickers NOT included)

Solid Dumbbell Handle Features:

  • Dumbbell handles sold as PAIR by size
  • Available with Chrome finish (SDH) in sizes 1-8 or Black Oxide finish (SDH-B) in sizes 1-10
  • Commercial quality for use in garage gyms, school weight rooms, CrossFit boxes and commercial gyms clubs
  • Fully knurled for secure grip
  • Dumbbell Handle Construction: Solid steel with internally threaded sleeves
  • Dumbbell Handle Locking System: 5/8" fine thread heavy-duty Allen head bolt and solid steel chrome recessed washer
  • Handle Diameter: 28mm for all sizes
  • Gripping area from inside shoulder to inside shoulder is 5-3/4" for all sizes
  • Sleeve diameter 1" to 1-1/32" for use with regular/standard flat "pancake" plates with 1-1/16" hole diameter
  • Note that weight range sizing by handle is measured for use with regular painted metal plates (gray or black) ONLY. Rubber encased plates and chromed plates have greater thickness and thus take up more room on the handle sleeves when considering sizing. For any questions about weight increment sizing or plate compatibility please contact an Ironcompany sales rep or Customer Service prior to ordering.
  • OPTIONAL Black and Chrome steel dumbbell end caps are available
  • Weight plates NOT included

Dumbbell Handle Sizes:

  • SDH/SDH-B # 1 - Sleeve Length: 13mm (.51") | Overall Length: 6.77" | Weight: 2.16 lbs. | Makes 5, 10, 15 and 20 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 2 - Sleeve Length: 33mm (1.30") | Overall Length: 8.35" | Weight: 2.59 lbs. | Makes 25, 30, 35 and 40 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 3 - Sleeve Length: 53mm (2.09") | Overall Length: 9.93" | Weight: 2.97 lbs. | Makes 45, 50, 55 and 60 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 4 - Sleeve Length: 73mm (2.87") | Overall Length: 11.49" | Weight: 3.37 lbs. | Makes 65, 70, 75 and 80 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 5 - Sleeve Length: 93mm (3.66") | Overall Length: 13.07" | Weight: 4.03 lbs. | Makes 85, 90, 95 and 100 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 6 - Sleeve Length: 113mm (4.44") | Overall Length: 14.63" | Weight: 4.47 lbs. | Makes 105, 110, 115 and 120 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 7 - Sleeve Length: 133mm (5.23") | Overall Length: 16.21" | Weight: 4.95 lbs. | Makes 125, 130, 135 and 140 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH/SDH-B # 8 - Sleeve Length: 153mm (6.02") | Overall Length: 17.79" | Weight: 5.39 lbs. | Makes 145, 150, 155 and 160 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH-B # 9 - Sleeve Length: 171mm (6.75") | Overall Length: 20.00" | Weight: 5.83 lbs. | Makes 165, 170, 175 and 180 lb. dumbbells
  • SDH-B # 10 - Sleeve Length: 191mm (7.50") | Overall Length: 21.75" | Weight: 6.27 lbs. | Makes 185, 190, 195 and 200 lb. dumbbells

NOTE: Dumbbell sizing as noted above is for plate weight only and does NOT include weight of handle

Pro-Style Dumbbell Assembly Tips:

When assembling your dumbbells using pancake plates as recommended, the end of the dumbbell handle sleeve is only intended to partially insert through the final plate. There should be space between the end of the handle sleeve (threading hole) and the outer side of the last plate. The fastening bolt is designed with extra length in order to accommodate this additional space between the collar (or end cap) and the threading hole in the sleeve. You do not want the stacked plates to be shorter or even flush with the end of the handle sleeve, or else the plates will spin loosely once the dumbbell is assembled. Firmly tighten the allen bolt with a hex key so that the stack of plates are tighly held in place together with no "spin". If over time your allen bolts loosen from use, one quick way to re-tighten the dumbbell during your workout is to place the dumbbell on the floor and then spin the entire dumbbell in a counter-clockwise direction (this tightens both bolts simultaneously in a clockwise direction). This is a temporary solution and it is recommended to use a hex key to securely re-tighten the bolts once time allows. For a permanent or semi-permanent dumbbell assembly you can use Loctite threadblocker on the allen bolts to prevent loosening over time.


  • Garage gyms
  • Commercial gyms
  • Clubs
  • Training studios
  • CrossFit boxes
  • School weight rooms

Need information on what size and number of handles, standard plates, and endcaps go together to create a specific weight increment or set of pro-style fixed dumbbells? Click here to view the CAP Barbell Pro-Style Fixed Dumbbell Handle Sizing Chart.

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