Dowel Weightlifting Straps (Pair) -- Schiek (1000DLS)

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Pink
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Schiek Sports 1000-DLS Dowel Weightlifting Straps - 1000 DLS Dowel Weightlifting Straps by Schiek Sports are a quick-change weightlifting strap and padded wrist support all in one. One of the most common weightlifting strap complaints is that they hurt the wrists and even rub the skin off on heavy lifts. Schiek has solved this problem with their unique integrated wrist supports that include a 1/4" thick and 2.5" wide neoprene pad that goes around the wrists while leaving the webbing on the outside and away from the skin. The thickness and width of the support distributes the weight of the barbell more evenly throughout the wrist while alleviating a lot of the associated pressure making for perhaps the most comfortable weightlifting strap in the industry. One other feature making the 1000-DLS one of the most innovative and functional straps is the integrated die cut rubber dowel at each end. This rubber dowel allows the user to easily wrap the end of the strap around the bar and crank it tight almost as if using a motorcycle grip. The strap makes one to one and a half revolutions around the bar and is locked in place once the hand is closed. The 1000-DLS holds fast but is easy to get out of on a missed lift or if performing drop sets. Available in 5 different colors to match your gym attire and other accessories. And perhaps best of all, Schiek manufactures the DLS right here in the USA!

What is the difference between the Schiek 1000-DLS and 1000-PLS straps? First we must understand what the what the D in "DLS" and the P in "PLS" stands for as it is these two letters that define the difference between the two straps. The D in "DLS" stands for "Dowel" which is permanently sewn into the end of the 1000-DLS strap. This dowel makes it quicker and easier to wrap around the barbell bar or dumbbell handle before a lift and gives you the sense that the strap is essentially locked into place as each rep is performed. The 1000-PLS strap is a full 6" longer than that of the DLS and meant to wrap several times around the bar giving the lifter the opportunity to pull maximum poundages. So for this reason it makes sense that the P in "PLS" stands for "Power". If you like quick-change straps that are appropriate for moderate weight we recommend the 1000-DLS and likewise if youre a heavy lifter and want a reliable pair of straps that will see you through your heaviest lifts we highly recommend the 1000-PLS.

Have additional questions about Dowel Weightlifting Straps or would you like a customized quote? Call an IRON COMPANY® fitness equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

Dowel Weight Lifting Strap Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions: 6" L x 1.5" W
  • Includes: One PAIR of 1000-DLS straps
  • Strap Construction: Durable nylon and acrylic blended webbing for maximum strength and durability
  • Dowel: Die cut rubber dowel at the end of the strap wraps quickly around bar and offers a secure hold while in use
  • Padding: Sewn in neoprene padding to help alleviate added pressure on the wrists from heavy weights
  • Closure: 1.5" wide stainless steel buckle and Velcro closure system customizes a secure fit for each individual user
  • Colors: Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Pink
  • Uses: Use to increase grip strength when training with barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and even for bodyweight training exercises such as pull-ups
  • Government Purchase: Available for purchase through IRON COMPANY® contracts GSA GS-07F-0104M and CMAS 4-12-78-0066A
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Looking to make a bulk purchase of lifting straps for your fitness studio or commercial gym? Contact an fitness equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

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Dowel Weightlifting Straps (Pair) -- Schiek (1000DLS)
Dowel Weightlifting Straps (Pair) -- Schiek (1000DLS)