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Ergonomic Barbell Pad - Hip Thrust Pad - The SS-HP Ergonomic Barbell Pad is an high density foam bar pad with contoured center designed to fit over any standard or Olympic barbell that allows for increased comfort and reduced injury to the neck, upper back, and lower back while performing squats, lunges, and hip thrusts. Many exercisers feel discomfort when performing squats, especially with heavy weights, due to the metal weight lifting bar digging into the neck, upper back, and shoulders. One solution is to wrap a gym towel around the bar. This offers minimal comfort at best, and can easily slip in during use from simple cotton on metal contact or from sweat absorbed into the towel. The next common solution is to use a standard foam barbell pad. These are generally made of polyethylene foam (similar to a pool float noodle) and covered with a vinyl cover with Velcro or snap enclosure. This type of economy barbell pad compresses very easily, meaning not only does it not offer much comfort during exercise, but it will quickly degrade permanently to a semi-compressed state (especially around the middle of the pad where it meets the neck). The vinyl cover can get slippery from sweat, causing the pad to roll, or the cover to deteriorate and crack over time. Or, conversely, an ultra-thick barbell pad can be overbuilt with too great of a diameter, so that the bar may rest father than comfortable from the neck and upper back, causing an undue shift in center of gravity during squats or lunges that may result in injury to back or spine.

What makes the SS-HP Ergonomic Barbell Pad different from other barbell pads and neck pads? Instead of being 12 to 14 inches long like many squat pads, the SS-HP offers a full 18-1/8 inch length to comfortably support the weight of the bar across the entire upper back and shoulder region. The middle of the pad offers a contoured groove which cradles the neck and upper spine. This carved area of the barbell support pad matches your necks profile with 1-1/4 inch thick, shock absorbing high-density foam, positioning the weight in line with your body correctly and spreading the weight across your shoulders. By reducing both weight and shock on the spine, exercises can be performed without pain and discomfort, resulting in the ability to focus on your form and thus increase performance. Additionally, the anti-slip matte finish on this protective pad ensures that the weight positions and stays on your shoulders while you squat. No more slipping shoulder pads that can cause your spine to tweak in the middle of a heavy set! No need to mess with hook and loop or snap enclosures on the cover either. The quick-slip design makes installation fast and easy in a matter of seconds. Do you like to use a barbell pad for upward hip thrusts? The grooved channel in the center of the SS-HP Barbell Pad offers much more comfort during thrusts by minimizing direct contact of the pad with the groin or pelvic region. When comfort meets performance, the result is the best squat pad on the market.


  • Black color
  • Ergonomic barbell pad design for even weight distribution across the shoulders, relieving neck pressure while squatting
  • Allows you to focus on your form without pain
  • Made from high-quality, high-density, thick foam rubber for increased durability
  • 1-1/4" thick padding
  • High density foam to absorb and relieve bar pressure for increased comfort and reduced injury and pain
  • Secures tightly to the bar
  • Quick and easy to install on any Olympic barbell or fixed weight barbell
  • Anti-slip matte finish to reduce risk of slippage and increase grip on the shoulders
  • Versatile size for squats, hip thrusts, lunges, and more
  • Dimensions: 18-1/8" length x 4" diameter, 12" circumference
  • Unit weight: 12 ounces

ergonomic barbell pad construction

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