FM System Receiver -- MYE Entertainment (MWC-FM)

MWC-FM ProdID_4685

The MYE Entertainment FM receiver provides audio from any ceiling or wall mounted TV monitor connected to an FM transmitter. Exercisers simply select the desired TV and enjoy the audio from their favorite TV programs. MYE FM receivers feature advanced performance and work with MYE FM transmitters or existing FM transmitters from all major fitness entertainment companies.

No TV? No problem. The MYE FM receiver is ideal for cardio equipment facing away from monitors. Users may still enjoy FM radio programs and music.


  • Dual FM Program Mode - store FM transmitters and local FM radio stations separately allows users to switch between TV audio and FM radio stations
  • Compatible with FM Transmitters - from all major fitness entertainment companies (so receiver upgrade is easy)
  • FM Radio - 20 preset stations or scan and select personal choice
  • Pro-EQ Tones - five distinct EQ tones
  • INTELLIJACK - signals alert for faulty headphone jack
  • Secure-Lock Mounting System - combines traditional and new mounting technologies for quick and secure installation on any cardio machine

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