Hitechplates Weightlifting Technique Plates -- Hitechplates (HTP)

Plate Sizes lbs: 5-15 lbs
Plate Sizes kg: 2.5-5 kg
Uses: School Weight Rooms, CrossFit, etc.
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Hitechplates Weightlifting Technique Plates - Hitechplates Technique Plates are environmentally friendly and 100% recycled and molded in the USA from post-consumer plastics. This one-piece-molding process creates an extremely resilient plastic composite that insures your Hitechplates retain their durability and always provide a safe weightlifting tool for coaches and students. Even the lightest plates can be used by themselves without risk of breaking or taking on that ever so familiar taco shape. Each plate is color coded for easy identification from any distance and because they are molded from a solid piece of plastic, each color runs completely through eliminating any chance of discoloration or color fade. Hitechplates are available in pounds ranging from 5 to 15 lbs. and in kilograms from 2.5 to 5 kgs. No matter the weight, all Hitechplates technique weightlifting plates remain at a consistent 17.75" diameter. This height consistency is crucial when learning to pull the bar from the platform for all the Olympic lifts.

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Available Pair Sizes:

  • 5, 10 and 15 lbs.
  • 2.5, 3.75, and 5 kgs.

Sets Include:

  • HTP-LB-SET - (2) 5, (2) 10 and (2) 15 lb. plates (60 lbs. total)
  • HTP-KG-SET - (2) 2.5, (2) 3.75, and (2) 5 kg. plates (22.5 kgs. total)
  • HTP-SET - (2) 2.5, (2) 3.75, and (2) 5 kg. plates | (2) 5, (2) 10 and (2) 15 lb. plates (109.5 lbs. total)

Plate Features:

  • Full Commercial Rated School Weight Rooms, Performance Centers, Professional Sports Teams, CrossFit
  • Plate Material: Solid recycled plastic derived from milk bottles and other post-consumer plastics
  • Construction: One-piece construction. No hubs to scratch bars and no coatings to get damaged
  • Durability: Unbreakable under normal use with a platform. Will not rust or bend
  • Center Hole: Close tolerance center hole fits snug on the bar and wont wobble
  • Sizes: Available in lbs. and kgs.
  • Color coded for quick size identification from any distance
  • Numbers are permanently molded into each plate
  • Diameter: 17.75" for consistent bar height and technique development
  • Economically priced
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover abused or altered plates

Sizing Chart:

  • All plates are 17.75" in diameter to maintain proper bar height from floor
  • 5 lb. Chalky Black - 1.28" Thick
  • 10 lb. Chalky Black - 1.97" Thick
  • 15 lb. Chalky Black - 2.66" Thick
  • 2.5 kg Chalky Red - 3.5cm Thick
  • 3.75 kg Chalky Gray - 4.5cm Thick
  • 5 kg Chalky White - 5.25cm Thick


  • Sports performance centers
  • Professional sports teams
  • School weight rooms
  • Commercial gyms
  • Barbell clubs
  • CrossFit
  • Military fitness installations

Shipping Included

All Pairs and Sets = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.

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Hitechplates Weightlifting Technique Plates -- Hitechplates (HTP)
Hitechplates Weightlifting Technique Plates -- Hitechplates (HTP)