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$1,229.00 IRON COMPANY
Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station
Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station
Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station Fully Welded Frame Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station For Commercial Gyms Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station Push-Up Handles

Legend Fitness 3128 Dip/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station - A must have for any commercial gym, the Legend 3128 combines a multi-grip chin-up bar, tricep dipping bars and elevated push-up handles. Let your body be your resistance for any of these exercises or load up additional resistance with a dipping belt, lifting chains or resistance bands. The 3128 is a multi-functional bodyweight training station that will add strength and mass to the triceps, back and chest.

Use the elevated pressing handles for developing the chest and triceps. Bring the elbows out to help target the pec muscles. Bring the elbows in, just like a tricep press with a barbell, for added emphasis on the heads of the triceps. Performing tricep presses after a set of bar dips is an effective way to super set and really pump up the triceps. Want to build a wide back? No other exercise is more effective in building wide lats than wide pull-ups. The pull-up bar of the 3128 is just under 45 wide and is angled to reduce pressure on the wrists while doing front or behind the neck pull-ups. Included opposing grips allow for narrow pull-ups and help round out your back workout.

Is the Legend Fitness 3128 built to withstand the toughest commercial gym environments? Yes! At a shipped weight of 360 lbs., the 3128 is made from 100% massive 3 x 3 x 11 gauge steel tubing that is fully welded to form one solid frame. There are no bolts to ever come loose and the 3128 remains solid year after year with no maintenance required. Bring on your heaviest lifters with their heaviest dipping belts! As with all their strength products, Legend builds the 3128 to last a lifetime under extreme conditions.

Purchase a Legend Fitness Dip/Pull-Up/Push-Up Station on GSA contract - All strength equipment by Legend Fitness can be purchased from Ironcompany on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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Legend Fitness 3128 Dip Bar/Chin-Up/Push-Up Station Features:

  • Dimensions: 66.75 L x 44.75 W x 89.75
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 11 gauge 3 x 3 steel construction designed using CAD software to minimalize the use of bolts and fasteners
  • Frame Fabrication: Fully MIG welded for maximum stability and longevity
  • Dipping Handles: Foam rubber coated round steel handles at a width of 28 on center
  • Push-Up Handles: Foam rubber coated round steel handles at a width of 28 on center
  • Pull-Up Bars: 44.75 wide pull-up bar and secondary handles set at 28 wide offer multiple hand grips for hitting different angles of the lats. Both sets of handles feature foam rubber grips
  • Foot Bars: Allow user to properly position body before dips especially if using a dipping belt
  • Finish: Chip resistant powder coat
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below
  • Uses: Installation in the harshest commercial weight rooms is highly recommended
  • Ship Weight: 360 lbs.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a Legend Fitness 3128 Tricep Dip/Pull-Up/Chest Press Station?:

  • Allows multiple bodyweight training exercises such as pull-ups, tricep dips, chest presses and tricep presses all in one footprint
  • Great for back, tricep and chest circuit training or drop sets
  • Use your body as your resistance or load up additional resistance with a dipping belt, chains or rubber resistance bands
  • Perfect for performance training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment
  • You choose frame color

Notice: Some Legend Fitness pieces will arrive fully welded and in one piece. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the delivered dimensions of each piece will allow it to be moved to the preferred location in your home or business. Any fully welded pieces can be built to bolt together upon request. This may require an upcharge. Please consult with a salesman if you have doubt before placing the order!

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