Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row | Legend Fitness (6004)

Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row | Legend Fitness (6004) - The biomechanics involved in the movement... Read More

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Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row | Legend Fitness (6004) - The biomechanics involved in the movement of the Legend 6004 LeverEdge Seated Lat Row integrates the feel of barbell and dumbbell rows without unnecessary strain on the lower back. The seated unilateral lever row is extremely effective in building thickness and power in the latissimus dorsi muscles which are responsible for providing the pulling power of the arms. Any first responder, sports athlete, bodybuilder or powerlifter is no stranger to the benefits that lat row exercises will provide!

Performing lat exercises without low back strain! Lets face it, there are all types of effective exercises that can help build an awesome back. While this is true, we must also realize that not all of them are healthy for the lower back. Like Lee Haney once said back in the 90s, The row is the bread and butter for the back". As a guy having one of the most impressive backs in history, this statement has influenced many a weightlifter to make the row one of their go-to exercises for ultimate upper body development. And youd be hard pressed to find anything as effective in adding slabs of muscle to the posterior of the body like the row. It is for this reason that Legend Fitness spent so much time refining the biomechanics and heavy-duty construction of their version of the lat row, the LeverEdge 6004.

From the lifters point of view, we want a fully adjustable seat and chest pad for customizing to our height and arm length to maximize the range of motion and allow us to isolate different areas of the back; namely the mid and upper lats. We prefer our seated rows to have multiple hand grips to round out our back training removing all doubt that weve hit every angle. For the heavy lifters, ample weight pegs that hold plenty of 45 lb. Olympic plates is a must! And whether youre a beginner, a seasoned athlete or one of the strongest lifters in the world, nobody enjoys working out on a strength machine that wobbles and feels unsafe. The Legend 6004 vertical row back machine is built by a company that is passionate about weightlifting and has built all their strength equipment from a weightlifter and athletes point of view so that you can be assured that every piece you buy will offer the ultimate lifting experience and results.

As is typical with all Legend Super-Duty Weight Lifting Equipment, the LeverEdge line is no exception to the overbuilt standards used during fabrication. Each machine utilizes beefy 11 gauge structural steel that, with the exception of six heavy-grade bolts, is fully welded for unsurpassed performance and longevity. Both arms work in conjunction with industrial grade pillow block bearings for smooth rowing action that will take any amount of weight you give them and a whole lot more. Seat padding is made from super-dense foam that has a firmness rating of an impressive 8 lbs. per square foot. If you want to build a shirt-busting back with the feel of using free weights while utilizing the added benefits of a machine, the Legend LeverEdge line of equipment should be considered for any environment.

Purchase a Legend Fitness Diverging Lat Row Machine on GSA contract - All plate loaded unilateral strength equipment by Legend Fitness can be purchased from Ironcompany on GSA Contract 47QSMA22D08NN.

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Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row | Legend Fitness (6004)