Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gym | Legend Fitness (959)

Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gym | Legend Fitness (959) - The Legend Fitness 959 Heavy-Duty Jungle Gym is the... Read More

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Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gym | Legend Fitness (959) - The Legend Fitness 959 Heavy-Duty Jungle Gym is the ultimate centerpiece for any school weight room, commercial gym or military installation. Plus it's a crowd favorite as nearly everyone will stop by the 959 for at least a couple of exercise movements. It promotes good traffic flow as it's easily accessible from almost every direction. Eight weight stacks create eight individual training stations plus a pull-up station for toning, strengthening and building muscle from the pecs to the lats, biceps and triceps and even the legs. Coming in at a delivered weight of just under two tons, its the largest commercial jungle gym in the Legend line up. Aside from its endless exercise options, the American Made quality of the 959 is very apparent in its massive 3 x 3 steel tubing, which makes a strong statement and tells members this is where the real work goes down". Users will enjoy the smooth performance and exercise variety the 959 offers while coaches and club owners will appreciate the safety, low maintenance and overall value.

Eight Stack Jungle Gym Combo Stations - With a total of eight weight stack resistance training stations that combined include 1,400 lbs. of cast iron weight stacks, the Legend 959 jungle comes prepared for anything and ready to deliver results. Station #1 and #2 is the adjustable cable crossover that includes two 150 lb. weight stacks with 2:1 pulley reduction. Easy pop-pin adjustments allow each side of the cable crossover to adjust to low, medium and high settings (and everything in between) to hit all angles of the chest as well as providing tricep push-down, arm curl, leg adductor and abductor with an ankle cuff and many more exercise possibilities. Station #3 is located immediately in back (or front) of the cable crossover station. This second crossmember includes a multi-grip pull-up station and is situated far enough away from the user of the crossover so both can simultaneously use each station. Station #3 is also a great anchoring point for suspension training with products such as the CrossCore180 Rotational Bodyweight Trainer. Station #4 and #5 are a favorite for building a strong, wide back. Both lat pulldown stations feature a 200 lb. weight stack for working the lats with behind the neck pull-downs, wide front pull-downs, close grip pull-downs and many other cable attachments that can work the back from different angles. Station #6 and #7 are the low back rows which are great for adding thickness and power throughout the lats, especially through the lower and mid sections. As with the lat pulldown, the low row will accept a multitude of cable attachments such as single and dual rowing handles. And finishing off this massive strength machine are stations #8 and #9 which are two tricep stations on opposite ends of each other. Hook up your favorite tricep rope or handle and watch those horseshoes grow!

Legend Jungle Gym Commercial Grade Construction - Coaches and club owners demand quality when it comes to strength equipment. Its not just a matter of performance, but also one of safety. Legend jungle gyms are proudly Made In The USA and are constructed of only the most heavy-duty steel tubing, aircraft quality cables rated at 3,500 lbs. and sealed bearing pulley wheels. Because Legend is produced right here in the United States, the use of fasteners and bolts is kept to a minimum and the use of MIG welding is maximized making for a much stronger structure. What this means to the user is solid performance with no wobble; what it means to the coach or club owner is less maintenance!

Purchase a Legend Fitness Eight Stack Jungle Gym on GSA contract - All strength equipment by Legend Fitness can be purchased from Ironcompany on GSA Contract 47QSMA22D08NN.

Have a question about this item or need a quick custom quote? Call an Legend Strength Equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527. You can also email

What are the benefits of purchasing a Legend Fitness 959 Jungle Gym?:

  • Up to nine people can workout simultaneously
  • Heavy-duty American Made construction offers the ultimate strength and safety to any facility
  • Nine stations offer countless exercise variation capabilities
  • Second crossbeam can be used for bodyweight training including chin-ups and suspension training
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment
  • You choose frame and padding color

Legend Frame Colors
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Legend Fitness Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gym Frame Colors

Legend Fitness offers an awesome variety of upholstery colors. You may select from the top selling colors or any of the custom colors at no extra charge. If you select a custom color, please choose "Custom Color" from the Upholstery Color Option pulldown menu above and note your color choice on the order notes.

Legend Upholstery Standard Color Chart

American Beauty

Royal Blue



Forest Green

Legend Fitness Upholstery Custom Color Chart

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Please Note: Depending on the type of monitor you use, actual upholstery colors can vary slightly from how they appear on your monitor.

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Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gym | Legend Fitness (959)
Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gym | Legend Fitness (959)