Power Lifting Hooks (Pair) -- Schiek (1200PLH)

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Schiek Sports 1200PLH Power Lifting Hooks - 1200PLH Power Lifting Hooks by Schiek Sports are a weightlifting supplement used for enhancing the grip for heavier sets of deadlifts, bent over rows and barbell shrugs. Weightlifting hooks work well with all diameter Olympic bars and dumbbell handles. They are also a useful tool for incorporating into your cable workouts and can be used with knurled cable attachments or those that include a rubber or urethane gripping area. More often than not, grip strength tends to be the weakest link when it comes to working with heavy weights. Schiek weightlifting hooks remove this weak link allowing the lifter to hoist more weight for bigger gains.

The Schiek 1200PLH hooks incorporate a thick, neoprene wrist support and heavy-duty Velcro strap that helps keep the wrist joint supported and aligned through each rep. The padding works to better distribute the weight throughout the wrists during the lift and will help alleviate a lot of the discomfort and even excessive skin irritation that can be common when using basic webbed straps. Each metal lifting hook is rated at 400 lbs. and feature a non-slip protective rubber coating that will not damage the finish on your bars. Hooks grab the bar firmly allowing the user to firmly cradle the hands around the hooks with or without workout gloves.

What are the advantages of using Schiek Power Lifting Hooks?

  • Quicker weight changes than weight lifting straps that have to be wrapped around the bar
  • One size fits all with interchangeable design
  • Use with dumbbell, barbell and cable attachments with any diameter or coating
  • Helps prevent tendonitis by reducing the strain on the hands and fingers during heavy lifting
  • Allows you to lift more weight for increased size and strength

Have additional questions about Lifting Hooks for Weight Training or would you like a customized quote? Call an IRON COMPANY® fitness equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

Power Lifting Hook Specs and Features:

  • Includes: One PAIR of 1200PLH hooks
  • Strap Construction: Durable nylon and acrylic blended webbing for maximum strength and durability
  • Hooks: Heavy duty 1/8" thick steel hooks holds up to 400 lbs. each and are dipped in a non-slip rubber coating
  • Padding: Sewn in 1/4" thick by 2.5" wide neoprene padding to help alleviate added pressure on the wrists from heavy weights
  • Closure: 1.5" wide stainless steel buckle and Velcro closure system customizes a secure fit for each individual user
  • Colors: Available in black only
  • Uses: Use to increase grip strength when training with barbells, dumbbells and cable attachments
  • Government Purchase: Available for purchase through IRON COMPANY® contracts GSA GS-07F-0104M and CMAS 4-12-78-0066A
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Proudly Made In The USA

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Power Lifting Hooks (Pair) -- Schiek (1200PLH)
Power Lifting Hooks (Pair) -- Schiek (1200PLH)